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18-19 June 2018
Fermilab, Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone

List of Registrants

149 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Lister Lancaster University
Afroditi Papadopoulou Graduate Student MIT
Akshat Tripathi The University of Texas at Arlington
Aleena Rafique Kansas State University
Alejandro Diaz Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alejandro Ramirez Delgado Universidad de Guanajuato
Alissa Monte UMass Amherst
Alyssa Garcia Brandeis
Amber Lenon Fermilab
Amy Filkins College of William and Mary
Andrew Mogan University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Andy C. Y. Li Fermilab
Anna Heggestuen University of Minnesota Duluth
Anna rose Polish Yale University
Antonella Palmese Fermilab
Arun Saini Fermilab
Ashley Back Iowa State University
Avery Archer Purdue University
Bahareh Roozbahani suny Buffalo
Barbara Yaeggy Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Beatriz Tapia Oregui University of Texas at Austin
Ben Messerly University of Pittsburgh
Bradford Benson Fermilab
Brian Kirby Brookhaven National Lab
Bruce Howard Indiana University
Carly KleinStern Fermilab
Carrie McGivern FNAL
Christopher Barnes University of Michigan
Christopher Hilgenberg Colorado State University
Claire Laffan Yale University
Colton Hill The University of Manchester
Cory Rude University of Iowa
Cristina Schlesier University of Illinois
Daniel Carber Iowa State University
Daniil Frolov Fermilab
David Caratelli Fermilab
David Flay University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Davio Cianci Columbia University
Deepika Jena FERMILAB
Derek Doyle Colorado State University
Dmitrii Torbunov University of Minnesota
Douglas Berry University of Illinois at Chicago
Elizabeth Meador Whitman College
Emma Castiglia Yale University
Emrah Tiras Iowa State University
Erika Catano Mur Iowa State
Esparza Talamantes Carlos Prior Lake Middle School
Fang Han Universiry of Kentucky
Fawzi Abusalma University of Minnesota
Federico Berlfein Brandeis University
Forhad Hossain New Mexico State University
Félix Díaz Desposorio Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Gabriela Vitti Stenico UNICAMP
Gabriele Benelli Brown University
Gary Forster University of Massachusetts
Gavin Davies Indiana University
Gianantonio Pezzullo Yale University
Gleb Lukicov University College London
Gonzalo Díaz Bautista University of Rochester
Grace Cummings Univ of Virginia
Gregorio Bernardi LPNHE Paris
Guillermo Fidalgo-Rodríguez University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Hang Su University of Pittsburgh
Hannah Binney University of Washington
Hui Wang Univ of Illinois - Chicago
Hunter Sullivan University of Texas at Arlington
Irene Dutta California Institute of Technology
Ivan Lepetic Illinois Institute of Technology
Jason Poh University of Chicago
Jean-Francois Caron University of Houston
Jeffrey Kleykamp University of Rochester
Jennica Leclerc University of Florida
Jeremy Hewes University of Cincinnati
Jessica Esquivel FNAL
Julia Hinds Appalachian State University
Justin Vasel Indiana University
Jyoti Tripathi Panjab University and Fermilab
Karen Perez Sarmiento Macalester College
Karl Warburton Iowa State University
Kate Ciampa University of Minnesota
Katherine Woodruff New Mexico State University
Kirsty Duffy Fermilab
Laura Gomez bermeo Universidad Sergio Arboleda
Lauren Yates Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Logan Rice Northern Illinois University
Lukasz Kadlubowski AGH University, Krakow
Malik Ata Conference
Marcus O'flaherty University of Sheffield
Marguerite Tonjes University of Illinois, Chicago
Maria Elidaiana da Silva Pereira Brandeis University
Marianette Wospakrik University of Florida
Marvin Ascencio Potificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Mateus F. Carneiro Oregon State University
Matthew Wiesner Benedictine University
Megan Splettstoesser Fermilab
Micah Groh Indiana University
Michael Wallbank University of Cincinnati
Michael Whalen Yale University
Midhat Farooq University of Michigan
Monica Nunes UNICAMP
Nabin Poudyal Wayne State University
Nadja Strobbe Fermilab
Natalie Mujica-Schwahn University of Colorado at Boulder
Nikita Kuklev University of Chicago
Noah Samuelson Illinois Institute of Technology
Noemi Glaeser University of South Carolina
Nora Sherman University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nuruzzaman Nuruzzaman Rutgers University
Ohkyung Kwon KAIST
Orgho Neogi University of Iowa
Pedro Simoni Pasquini Unicamp
Polina Abratenko University of Michigan
Prakash Thapa Wayne State University
Rachel Osofsky University of Washington
Rachitha Mendis Kansas State University
Rahmat Rahmat SCC
Raquel Castillo Fernandez Fermilab
Reddy pratap Gandrajula Michigan State University
Rijeesh Keloth Cochin University of Science and Technology
Rob Fine University of Rochester
Rory Fitzpatrick University of Michigan
Rui An Illinois Institute of Technology
Ryan Murphy Indiana University
Sebastian Aderhold Fermilab
Sebastian Sanchez Iowa State University
Sheila Silva do Amaral Purdue University Northwest
Simon Custer Yale University
Simone Marcocci Fermilab
Steven Calvez Colorado State University
Susan Dittmer University of Illinois at Chicago
Sydney Ostrom College of William and Mary
Tanaz Angelina Mohayai Illinois Institute of Technology
Taylor Carnahan San Jacinto College
Thomas Brooks University of Sheffield
Thomas Carroll University of Texas at Austin
Tyler Rehak Drexel University
Varuna Crishan Meddage KSU, Microboone
Vassili Papavassiliou NMSU
Wanwei Wu Fermilab
Wasikul Islam Oklahoma State University/Argonne National Lab
Wes Gohn University of Kentucky
Xiaobin Lu Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Xuan Chen University of Illinois at Chicago
Yaqian Wang BU
Zhaodi Pan The University of Chicago
Zhuowen Zhang University of Chicago
Ziqing Hong Northwestern University