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October 19, 2018
US/Central timezone

Participant List

86 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Abdollah Mohammadi Kansas State University
Adam Lyon Fermilab
Alexx Perloff University of Colorado Boulder
Anadi Canepa Fermilab
Andrew Beretvas Fermilab (retired)
Andrew Ivanov Kansas State University
Andris Skuja University of Maryland
Arie Bodek University of Rochester
Aron Soha Fermilab
Benjamin Kreis Fermilab
Bo Jayatilaka Fermilab
Bob Cousins UCLA
Chris Quigg Fermilab
Dmitri Denisov Fermilab
Don Lincoln Fermilab
Don Summers Univ. of Mississippi
Felix Sefkow DESY
Francisco Yumiceva Florida Institute of Technology
Frank Chlebana Fermilab
Gabriele Benelli Brown University
George Ginther Fermilab
Greg Landsberg Brown University
Guilherme Lima Fermilab
Harry Cheung Fermilab
James Hirschauer Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
James Strait FNAL
Jeffrey Berryhill Fermilab
Jim Russ Carnegie Mellon University
Joel Butler Fermilab
Jordan Damgov TTU
Joseph Incandela UC Santa Barbara
Joseph Lykken Fermilab
Juliana Whitmore Fermilab
Julie Hogan Bethel University
Kamal Lamichhane Texas Tech University
Kaori Maeshima Fermilab
Kevin Burkett FNAL
Konstantin Goulianos The Rockefeller University
Leonard Apanasevich University of Illinois at Chicago
Leonard Spiegel FNAL
Lothar Bauerdick Fermilab
Maral Alyari Fermilab
Marek Zielinski Rochester
Marguerite Tonjes University of Illinois, Chicago
Matti Kortelainen Fermilab
Meenakshi Narain Brown University
Michael Albrow Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Michael Krohn University of Minnesota
Michael Schmitt Northwestern University
Nabin Poudyal Wayne State University
Nhan Tran FNAL
Nicholas Hadley University of Maryland
Norbert Neumeister Purdue University
Oliver Gutsche Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Patricia McBride Fermilab
Paul Grannis Stony Brook University
pawel barbaro university of rochester
Peter Wilson Fermilab
Petra Merkel Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Pushpalatha Bhat Fermilab
Qizhong Li Fermilab
Richard Cavanaugh Fermilab and University of Illinois Chicago
Robert Harris Fermilab
Robin Erbacher UC Davis
Ron Lipton Fermilab
Sarah Eno U. Maryland
Sergei Gleyzer University of Florida
Sergey Los Fermilab
Sharon Hagopian Florida State University
Sonya Wright Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Stefan Gruenendahl Fermilab
Stefan Piperov Purdue University
Steve Nahn Fermilab
Sudeshna Banerjee Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Sunanda Banerjee Fermilab
Terry Grozis Fermilab
Umeshwar Joshi Fermilab
Vaia Papadimitriou Fermilab
Vasken Hagopian Florida State Univ
Vivian O'Dell Fermilab
weimin wu WSPC
William Bardeen Fermilab Emeritus
Yasar Onel university of iowa
Zhen Hu Fermilab
Zhenbin Wu University of Illinois at Chicago
Zoltan Gecse Fermilab