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September 22, 2018
US/Central timezone

Wonderful Women in STEM at Fermilab

One West
Batvia, IL

Experts in STEM fields will guide you through hands-on activites, answer questions, and explain everything that you want to know about our work at Fermilab.

Choose from the following activity tracks:

The mystery of the lost particle: A set of fundamental particles have vanished from the Fermilab detectors. Come and join the scientists to analyze the data and recover them before the universe implodes!

This session will introduce computational thinking concepts, such as problem decomposition, pattern matching and more. You will piece together puzzles to crack the mystery of the lost particle. 


Mechanical Engineering: In this session, you will explore all the ways in which mass and motion are linked. You’ll pair up to build a model car that is powered by a 5-lb weight. Test your car, race it against others, and find ways to make improvements. At the end of the session, one car will be named the Fastest at Fermilab!


Electrical Engineering: Electrical noise poses a frequent challenge- it prevents scientists from interpreting important data. In this session, you will work in groups to build a small-scale circuit that tests the noise generated by various electrical components. See which objects creates noise and explore ways to combat it.


Join us as we uncover the secrets of the universe! Neutrinos are the most abundant particle in the universe, and yet one of the most mysterious. They may hold the key to understanding why we’re here in this universe. In this session, we’ll have a hands-on experience demonstrating how scientists study neutrinos and use data from neutrino experiments to deduce the properties of neutrinos and the matter with which they interact.