A venue for the LArTPC neutrino community to exchange ideas and start developing a collaborative strategy working to meet stringent requirements on neutrino event reconstruction and detector calibrations.

This workshop aims to bring together people with an interest in these topics working on different LArTPC neutrino experiments in both the short-baseline and long-baseline programs. The workshop will take place over two days: one dedicated to LArTPC detector calibrations and the second to particle and event reconstruction in LArTPC detectors. Topics to be covered include:

  • TPC electronics, noise, and field response calibrations.
  • Calibration of scintillation light response.
  • Calibration sources and standard candles.
  • High-level calibrations of detector effects and energy scale.
  • TPC signal processing.
  • Photon detection system reconstruction.
  • 2D, 3D, and deep learning reconstruction approaches.
  • Kinematics and neutrino energy reconstruction.

The registration fee for this workshop is $15 to cover refreshments during breaks.

This workshop is supported by the Fermilab Neutrino Physics Center.

Organizers:  David Caratelli (FNAL), Michael Mooney (Colorado State), and Tingjun Yang (FNAL).

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