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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

SNO+ Solar Neutrino Measurement from an Extended Water Data Set

Not scheduled


Mr Brian Krar (Queen's University)


SNO+ is a multipurpose and multiphase neutrino experiment located approximately 2 km underground at the SNOLAB facility in Sudbury, Canada. Neutrinos from $^8$B $ \beta^+$ decay, which dominate the high energy portion of the solar neutrino spectrum, can be measured in the initial SNO+ water phase by identifying electron elastic scattering (ES) events in a pure water target. One such analysis has previously been performed on an initial 69.2 kT-day dataset, showing an extremely pure sample of ES events above 6 MeV. This poster describes the water phase solar neutrino analysis including an updated $^8$B solar neutrino measurement using an extended water dataset, which is compelling due to a lower background rate and increased livetime.


SNO+ Solar Neutrino Measurement from an Extended Water Data Set

Experiment/Collaboration SNO+

Primary author

Mr Brian Krar (Queen's University)

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