May 19, 2020
US/Central timezone
Fermilab plans to upgrade its accelerator infrastructure to deliver 2.4 MW 120 GeV proton beam for DUNE. The Booster Replacement (BR) will replace the current 8 GeV booster with a new accelerating facility. Technology options for this upgrade include an extension of the PIP2 superconducting Linac, a rapid cycling synchrotron (RCS) as well as combinations thereof. High intensity lower energy proton beams from initial acceleration stages, PIP2 and the BU, will be available for other experiments. The potential exists to produce lepton beams as well. Fermilab will engaging the community to explore the physics potential enabled by PIP2 and the booster upgrade, and to inform technology choices and to maximize science output. (A planned on-site meeting is replaced by this remote process). We aim to bring together HEP theory and experiment experts from the broad community together with accelerator experts in order to inform each other on the science needs and the possible accelerator capabilities. We will start the process with a zoom meeting to take place on May 19th. This first meeting will include talks introducing the accelerator technology and list physics areas that are of relevance. This meeting will be followed by a period in which the HEP community will provide brief input about the various physics goals and especially the technical accelerator needs required. We will follow this by a second zoom meeting in June or early July to present information gathered. Physics areas that will be discussed include: * Dark matter and dark sector searches (both with proton and lepton beams), * New short baseline neutrino opportunities, * charged lepton flavor violation, * precision hadron physics and rare decays, as well as other intensity frontier other opportunities. In each case the accelerator needs required to achieve high impact science will be identified. Registration is open until May 4th 2020, and zoom coordinates will be sent via email. Organizing Committee: Greg Bock Angela Fava Alex Friedland Andrei Gaponenko Stefania Gori Roni Harnik (chair) Gordan Krnaic Maxim Pospelov Luciano Ristori Nhan Tran Matthew Toups Richard Van de Water