June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

SANDD: A directional antineutrino detector with segmented 6Li-doped pulse-shape-sensitive plastic scintillator

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Ms Felicia Sutanto (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and University of Michigan)


We present a complete characterization of a small (9-liter) and mobile 6Li-doped pulse-shape-sensitive plastic scintillator antineutrino detector called SANDD (Segmented AntiNeutrino Directional Detector), constructed for the purpose of near-field reactor monitoring with sensitivity to antineutrino direction. A detailed Monte Carlo simulation code was developed and validated to model the performance of the detector. Analysis cuts were developed to maximize the antineutrino detection efficiency and minimize the background. The antineutrino detection efficiency is estimated to be 18%. An uncertainty of 23 degrees in the direction of the reactor antineutrino flux is predicted from 100 detected antineutrino events.

This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [Contract No. DE-AC52-07NA27344, LDRD tracking number 17-ERD-016 and 20-SI-003, release number LLNL-ABS-807668].


A directional antineutrino detector is characterized and its performance is predicted via simulation

Experiment/Collaboration SANDD

Primary author

Ms Felicia Sutanto (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and University of Michigan)


Dr Andrew Mabe (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Edward Reedy (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Prof. Igor Jovanovic (University of Michigan) Dr Jason Brodsky (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Mr Mark Duvall (University of Hawaii) Dr Michael Mendenhall (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Nathaniel Bowden (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Oluwatomi Akindele (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Steven Dazeley (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Timothy Classen (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Viacheslav Li (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Xianyi Zhang (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

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