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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

DMFlux: a tool for neutrino flux generation from dark matter annihilation and decay

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Qinrui Liu (University of Wisconsin)


Among messengers used in indirect searches for dark matter (DM), neutrinos are special as they are neutral, light, and seldom interact. These unique properties give them advantages in astrophysical studies: they are advantageous over cosmic rays as they are able to point back to their sources and unlike gamma rays can exit environments of large matter and radiation densities. I will present a new flexible Monte Carlo simulation tool to generate neutrino fluxes at detectors searching for signatures of DM annihilation and decay. The expected flux from galactic and extragalactic sources will be discussed, as well as the Earth and the Sun. In the latter case, we will also consider the possibility of a secluded dark matter sector which introduces a long-lived mediator.


A neutrino flux Monte Carlo generator for dark matter annihilation and decay.

Primary author

Qinrui Liu (University of Wisconsin)


Ali Kheirandish (Pennsylvania State University) Dr Carlos Arguelles (MIT) Prof. Francis Halzen (University of Wisconsin) Jeffrey Lazar (University of Wisconsin)

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