Mar 13 – 15, 2019
US/Central timezone

Final Participants List

Name Institution Email
AHMED, Zeeshan SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory [email protected]
AKERIB, Daniel SLAC [email protected]
ALVAREZ, Marcelo Berkeley / LBNL [email protected]
ANDERSON, Adam Fermilab [email protected]
ARCHIPLEY, Melanie University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
BACCIGALUPI, Carlo SISSA [email protected]
BADEN, Drew DOE [email protected]
BARRON, Darcy University of New Mexico [email protected]
BARRY, Peter ANL [email protected]
BASU THAKUR, Ritoban California Institute of Technology [email protected]
BATTAGLIA, Nicholas Cornell University [email protected]
BENDER, Amy Argonne National Lab [email protected]
BENSON, Bradford Fermilab [email protected]
BISCHOFF, Colin University of Cincinnati [email protected]
BLEEM, Lindsey Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
BOCK, Jamie Caltech-JPL [email protected]
BOEHM, Vanessa BCCP [email protected]
BORRILL, Julian Berkeley Lab/UC Berkeley [email protected]
BOUCHET, François Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris [email protected]
CALDEIRA, Joao Fermilab [email protected]
CANCELO, Gustavo Fermilab [email protected]
CARLSTROM, John University of Chicago/ANL [email protected]
CECIL, Tom ANL [email protected]
CHANG, Clarence Argonne National Lab/University of Chicago [email protected]
CHAN, Victor University of Toronto [email protected]
CHO, Hsiao-Mei SLAC [email protected]
CRAWFORD, Tom Chicago / KICP [email protected]
CUKIERMAN, Ari Stanford University [email protected]
CYR-RACINE, Francis-Yan Harvard University [email protected]
DE HAAN, Tijmen LBNL [email protected]
DEMARTEAU, Marcel Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
DEVLIN, Mark University of Pennsylvania [email protected]
DRAKE, Gary Fermilab [email protected]
DUFF, Shannon NIST [email protected]
DUTCHER, Daniel University of Chicago [email protected]
FAZIO, Michael SLAC [email protected]
FENG, Chang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
FERRARO, Simone LBNL [email protected]
FILIPPINI, Jeffrey University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
FLAUGER, Raphael UC San Diego [email protected]
FLAUGHER, Brenna Fermilab [email protected]
FRIEMAN, Joshua Fermilab [email protected]
FRISCH, Josef SLAC [email protected]
GERBINO, Martina ANL [email protected]
GOECKNER-WALD, Neil UC Berkeley [email protected]
GRIN, Daniel Haverford College [email protected]
GROHS, Evan University of California Berkeley [email protected]
GUALTIERI, Riccardo University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign [email protected]
HABIB, Salman Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
HALLER, gunther Stanford [email protected]
HALVERSON, Nils University of Colorado Boulder [email protected]
HEWETT, JoAnne SLAC [email protected]
HILL, James Colin IAS/CCA [email protected]
HIRATA, Christopher The Ohio State University [email protected]
HLOZEK, Renee Dunlap Institute/University of Toronto [email protected]
HOLDER, Gil University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
HOLZAPFEL, William UC-Berkeley [email protected]
HOOD, John University of Chicago [email protected]
HUFFENBERGER, Kevin Florida State University [email protected]
HUI, Howard Caltech/JPL [email protected]
KAPLAN, Ari University of California, Santa Barbara [email protected]
KARKARE, Kirit University of Chicago [email protected]
KESKITALO, Reijo Lawrence Berkeley Lab [email protected]
KISNER, Theodore LBNL [email protected]
KNOX, Lloyd UC Davis [email protected]
KOVAC, John Harvard [email protected]
KUBIK, Donna Fermilab [email protected]
KUHLMANN, Steve Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
LAWRENCE, Charles JPL [email protected]
LEE, Adrian Berkeley/LBNL [email protected]
LENNOX, Amber University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
LOVERDE, Marilena Stony Brook University [email protected]
LOWITZ, Amy University of Chicago [email protected]
LUBIN, Philip Univ California, Santa Barbara [email protected]
MAUSKOPF, Philip Arizona State University [email protected]
MCMAHON, Jeff University of Michigan [email protected]
MEYERS, Joel Southern Methodist University [email protected]
MILLEA, Marius University of California, Berkeley [email protected]
MITCHELL, Don Fermilab [email protected]
MONCELSI, Lorenzo California Institute of Technology [email protected]
NADOLSKI, Andew University of Illinois [email protected]
NAGY, Johanna University of Toronto [email protected]
NATI, Federico University of Milano - Bicocca [email protected]
NATOLI, Tyler University of Chicago [email protected]
NGUYEN, Hogan Fermilab [email protected]
NIE, Rong UIUC [email protected]
NORD, Brian Fermilab/UChicago [email protected]
O'CONNOR, Paul BNL [email protected]
OMORI, Yuuki  Stanford [email protected]
PADIN, Stephen University of Chicago [email protected]
PALLADINO, Steven University of Cincinnati [email protected]
PAN, Zhaodi The University of Chicago/KICP [email protected]
PAPITASHVILI, Vladimir National Science Foundation [email protected]
PRYKE, Clem University of Minnesota [email protected]
PUGLISI, Giuseppe Stanford [email protected]
RACINE, Benjamin Harvard-CfA [email protected]
RAGHUNATHAN, Srinivasan UCLA [email protected]
RAHLIN, Alexandra Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory [email protected]
RAJAGOPALAN, Srini BNL [email protected]
RAVERI, Marco KICP [email protected]
REICHANADTER, Mark Stanford University - SLAC [email protected]
ROY, Anirban SISSA [email protected]
RUHL, John Case Western Reserve University [email protected]
SCHAAN, Emmanuel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [email protected]
SCHILLACI, Alessandro California Institute of Technology [email protected]
SEHGAL, Neelima Stony Brook University [email protected]
SHARP, Nigel National Science Foundation [email protected]
SHAW, Elle University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign [email protected]
SHEEHY, Chris Brookhaven National Lab [email protected]
SHIROKOFF, Erik U. Chicago [email protected]
SIMON, Sara University of Michigan [email protected]
SLOSAR, Anze Brookhaven National Laboratory [email protected]
SNOW, Michael High Precision Devices [email protected]
STAGGS, Suzanne Princeton University [email protected]
STOMPOR, Radek CNRS/APC [email protected]
STOUGHTON, Chris Fermilab [email protected]
SUZUKI, Aritoki Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [email protected]
TIMBIE, Peter UW-Madison [email protected]
TRISTRAM, Matthieu LAL - CNRS [email protected]
TUCKER, Greg Brown University [email protected]
UMILTA, Caterina University of Cincinnati [email protected]
VIEIRA, Joaquin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
VIEREGG, Abigail University of Chicago [email protected]
WANG, Gensheng Argonne National Laboratory [email protected]
WHITEHORN, Nathan UCLA [email protected]
WU, Kimmy  University of Chicago/KICP [email protected]
YECK, Jim University of Wisconsin/ANL [email protected]
YOUNG, Edward Stanford [email protected]
ZONCA, Andrea San Diego Supercomputer Center [email protected]