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August 31, 2020 to September 4, 2020
US/Central timezone

Participant List

413 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Aaron Wemhoff Villanova University
Aashay Arora UCSD
Adam Caprez University of Nebraska
Adam Wong The George Washington University
Ajay Kochhar RAND Corporation
Ajit Mohapatra University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alan Bross Fermilab
Alan Moxley University of California, San Diego
Alasdair Gent Georgia Institute of Technology
Alastair Neil George Mason University
Alejandro Boscoboinik University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Alex Himmel Fermilab
Alex Sim Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alex Younts Purdue University
Alexander Knudson The University of Nevada, Reno
Alexander Pacheco Lehigh University
Amit Reza Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Amith Maroli University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ammar Chaudhry City of Hope National Medical Center
Amy Latessa University of cincinnati
Andre McNeill Georgia Institute of Technology
Andre Mauric Ribeiro University of Nebraska -Lincoln
Andres Moya Ignatov Caltech
Andrew Benson University of Nebraska
Andrew Hanushevsky Stanford University/SLAC
Andrew Koerner UNL/HCC alumni
Andrew Melo Vanderbilt University
Andrew Norman Fermilab
Andrew Sherman Yale University
Andrew Speer Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Andrew Wiedlea LBNL
Anirban Mandal RENCI, UNC - Chapel Hill
Anirban Pal WTAMU
Anirvan Shukla University of Hawaii at Manoa
Annelie Rugg UCLA Humanities Technology
Anthony Tiradani Fermilab
Armen Vartapetian University of Texas, Arlington
Bahnisikha Dutta Georgia institute of technology
Bala Desinghu Rutgers University
Basak Taraktas Bogazici University
Becky Zavala University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ben James Oklahoma State University
Benedikt Riedel UW-Madison
Bin Ma university of Nebraska-Lincoln
Blair Bethwaite University of Auckland
Bob Wilhelm University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bockjoo Kim University of Florida
Boris Yazlovitsky Northeastern University
Brad Burkman Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
Brian Bockelman Morgridge Institute for Research
Brian Burkhart Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education/OneNet
Brian Haymore University of Utah
Brian Larkins Rhodes College
Brian Lin University of Wisconsin - Madison
Brian Stengel University of Pittsburgh
Bridget Tripp University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bruce Chase University of Nebrasa at Omaha
Bryan Kinnan University of Nebraska
Bryce Cousins Penn State University
Burt Holzman FNAL
Calvin Cox Harvard Medical School
Carl Edquist University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carl Lundstedt U. of Nebraska, Lincoln
Carl Vuosalo University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carlos Riera-Ruiz University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Carrie Brown University of Nebraska
Caughlin Bohn University of Nebraska Lincoln
Cesar Delgado NA
Changjae Kim University of Oklahoma
Charles Forsyth University of California, Riverside
Charles Nguyen University of Minnesota
Christina Koch University of Wisconsin - Madison
Christopher Johnson University of Nebraska at Omaha
Christopher Walker The University of Oklahoma
Christopher Washburn Villanova University
Christopher Weaver University of Chicago
Chrystian Ulrich NDSU CCAST
Chuck Pavloski Penn State Univ
Clark Gaylord The George Washington University
Cody Stolle University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cole McKnight Clemson University
Colin Ramsay University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cyd Burrows-Schilling UC San Diego
Dana Brunson Internet2
Daniel Andresen Kansas State University
Danying Shao Pennsylvania State University
Dave Dykstra Fermilab
Dave Turner Kansas State University
David Cereceda Villanova University
David Chaffin University of Arkansas
David Jordan Sys Admin at University of Chicago
David Mason FNAL
David Sanders University of Mississippi
David Schultz University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Warren University of Washington
Davide Momi University of Chieti
Derek Soeder Duke University
Derek Weitzel University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Diana Rypkema Cornell University and The Nature Conservancy
Diego Davila University of California, San Diego
Dimitri Bourilkov University of Florida
Dirk Hufnagel Fermilab
Don Krieger University of Pittsburgh
DONALD COSTELLO University of Nebraska Lincoln
Donald McMullen Indiana University
Doug Benjamin ANL
Douglads Johnson University of Colorado
Douglas Jennewein Arizona State University
Douglas Milanez UERJ
Dung vu California State University, San Bernardino
E. Craig Dukes University of Virginia
Edgar Fajardo UCSD
Edris Qarghah University of Chicago
Eduardo Revoredo UERJ
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy FNAL
Emelie Fuchs University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Eremey Valetov MSU & FNAL
Eric Appelt Vanderbilt University
Eric Lancon BNL
Eric Sedore Syracuse University
Erik Engquist Rice University
Erik Gough Purdue University
Evan Shockley University of Chicago
Evgeniy Kuznetsov JINR
Ewa Deelman University of Southern California
Ezequiel Gioia University of Central Florida
Fahad Khan University of Central Florida (UCF)
FANG WANG Institution of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UNL
Frank Burstein Brookhaven National Lab - Network Engineering
Frank Wuerthwein UCSD/SDSC
Frederick Luehring Indiana University
Gabriele Hayden University of Oregon Libraries
Garhan Attebury University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Gina Cauthen UCOP ITS
Glen MacLachlan The George Washington University
Gordon Saksena Gordon Saksena, LLC
Grant Scott University of Missouri
Greg Monaco Kansas State University & Research Advisors Group
Gregory Daues NCSA
Gretta Kellogg Cornell Institute of Biotechnology
Guncha Babajanova Clemson University
Hadrian Djohari CWRU
Halayn Hescock Columbia University
Harpreet Kaur Student
Harvey Newman Caltech
Heath Tuttle University of Nebraska
Heidi Morgan USC-ISI
Hongfeng Yu University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Horst Severini University of Oklahoma
Huajin Wang Carnegie Mellon University
Huijing Du University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Huijun Zhu University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ian Kaufman UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering
Ian Shaeffer Arizona State University
Igor Sfiligoi UCSD
Ilija Vukotic University of Chicago
Irene Landrum Morgridge Institute for Research
Ivo Arrey University of Venda
Jackson Cothren University of Arkansas
Jadir Marra da Silva UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista
Jaime Frey UW-Madison
James Clark Georgia Institute of Technology (LIGO)
James Deaton Great Plains Network
James Griffioen University of Kentucky
James Lin UC Riverside
James Wachira Morgan State University
Jan Mandel University of Colorado Denver
jane combs University of Cincinnati
Jason Hurlburt The George Washington University
Javier Gioia UCF
Jayson Schalk University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jean-Jack Riethoven University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jeff Peterson Morgridge Institute For Research
Jeff Zais NeSI New Zealand eScience Infrastructure
Jeffrey Dost Univ. of California San Diego (US)
Jen Nelson University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jennifer Clarke University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jeny Teheran Security Analyst
Jerome Lauret Brookhaven Science Associates
Jeronimo Bezerra Florida International University
Jessica Vera Center for High Throughput Computing UW-Madison
Jielin Yu Louisiana State University
Jill Trucke University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jimmy Shapopi University of Namibia
Jinbo Xu Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Jingchao Zhang Emory University
Joe Boyd Fermilab
Joe Breen University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing
John Hicks Internet2
John Thiels University of Michigan
John Thiltges University of Nebraska
John Steven De Stefano Jr Brookhaven National Laboratory
John-Paul Navarro Univ. of Chicago/Argonne XSEDE
Johnathan Lee ASU
Joseph Sollazzo Villanova University
Josh Samuelson Holland Computing Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Joshua Drake Indiana University
Joshua Herr University of Nebraska - Lincoln
José Rodriguez Rhodes College
Joyce Young Holland Computing Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
JUAN CUI University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Juan Eduardo Ramirez University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Judith Stephen University of Chicago (US)
Julio Ibarra Florida International University
Junjie Li Indiana University
Justas Balcas Caltech
Justin Oelgoetz Austin Peay State University
Kade Cole SIUE
Karan Vahi Pegasus Group - USC Information Sciences Institute
Karen Fernsler ALICE/ATLAS
Kate Adams Great Plains Network
Kate Cooper University of Nebraska at Omaha
Kaushik De Univ. of Texas at Arlington
Ken Bloom University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kenneth Herner Fermilab
Kenyi Hurtado Anampa University of Notre Dame (US)
Kevin Brandt South Dakota State University
Kevin Hildebrand University of Maryland
Kevin Lannon University of Notre Dame
Kevin Thompson NSF
Kevin Xia Bonnie Branch Math Circle
Kindra Blair Idaho State University
kiran mhatre harvard university
Kirk Anne Rochester Institute of Technology
Krishna Muriki Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LaRita Lang UNL
Laura Theademan Purdue University Research Computing
Lauren Michael University of Wisconsin-Madison
Le Yan LSU
Leslie Delserone University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln Bryant University of Chicago
Lisa Gerhardt NERSC
Luke Tracy University of Michigan
Madhu Kappagantu University of maryland
Manasvita Joshi Northeastern University
Manjari Trivedi SAND, IRIS-HEP
Marc Weinberg University of Chicago
Marcio Costa UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista
Marco Mambelli Fermilab
Margaret Votava SCD/SCS
Marian Zvada University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Marilyn Augustyn University of Nebraska
Marilyn Wolf University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Marisa Brazil Arizona State University
Mark Allen University of Oregon
Mark Bell Independent
Mark Coatsworth University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mark Ito Jefferson Lab
Mark Magumba Makerere University
Mark Neubauer University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mark Riley University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mark Sosebee Univ. TX Arlington
Mark Yashar University of California, Berkeley
Martin Cuma University of Utah
Mary Goldie LEARN-Lonestar Education and Research Network
Massimiliano Pierobon Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mats Rynge USC Information Sciences Institute
Matt Foreman University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Matt Snyder it
Matthew Craska Dell Technologies
Matthew Lehmitz Unversity of Wyoming
Matthias Fuchs University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Matyas Selmeci University of Wisconsin - Madison
Maurizio Ungaro Jefferson Lab
Maze Ndukum Washington University in St Louis
Meng Xia University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Michael Benedetto American Museum of Natural History
Michael Coleman University of Oregon
Michael Kirby FNAL
Michael Ward University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Michelle Gower National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Mikaela Cashman Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mike Collins UW Madison affiliate
Mike Hutcheson Baylor University
Mike Stanfield Indiana University
Mike Zeleny University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mikki Sandin UNL
Miron Livny University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mitchell Clark University of Nebraska Lincoln
Mitchell Walls SIUE
Mohammad Alyetama University of Nebraska at Omaha
Mohammed Alali University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mohammed Tanash University of Nebraska Lincoln
Mohtadin Hashemi mohtadin.hashemi@unmc.edu
Mustafa Albahrani UNMC
Nadine Moeller Yale University
Nandini Ramanathan ttu
Natalie Hanisch UNL
Natasha Pavlovikj University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nate Roettgen University of Missouri
Nathan Crawford University of California, Irvine
Nathan Whitehorn Michigan State University
Nathaniel Cresswell University of Washington
Nepomuk Otte Georgia Institute of Technology
Niam Abeysiriwardena Self
Nicholas Palermo University of Nebraska Medical Center
Nicholas Smith Purdue University Research Computing
Nicholas Tyler University of South Carolina
Nicholas Von Wolff New Mexico State University
Nick Maggio University of Oregon
Nishant Dash NCSA
Nitish Tyagi Northeastern University
Nohemi Huanca Nunez University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Ofer Rind BNL
Oliver Gutsche Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Olivia Lang Cornell University
Pascal Paschos University of Chicago
Patrick Clemins Vermont EPSCoR, University of Vermont
Patrick Skubic University of Oklahoma
Patrick Smith National Science Foundation
Paul DeLong American Museum of Natural History
Paul Gunther UW Madison
Pete Meyer Harvard Medical School
Peter Couvares California Institute of Technology
Petya Vasileva University of Michigan
philip terry university nebraska-lincoln
Philippe Laurens US-ATLAS AGLT2
Phillip Marr LSU
Pratyaydipta Rudra Oklahoma State University
Raegan Hoefler UW-Madison, Department of Agronomy
Ralf Ehrlich University of Virginia
Ramazan Aygun Kennesaw State University
Raphael Cobe Advanced Institute For Artificial Intelligence - AI2
Raphael Schroter Northeastern University
Renan Valadao UERJ
Renee Cushman unl
Rick Haugerud University of Nebraska
Rob Quick Indiana University
Robert Gardner University of Chicago
Robert Heller University of Michigan
Robert Illingworth Fermilab
Robert Larmon Loyola Marymount University
Robert Powers University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Robert Sinkovits San Diego Supercomputer Center
Robert Szilagyi Montana State University
Rogerio Iope Sao Paulo State University (UNESP)
Roman Zubatyuk Carnegie Mellon University
Ron Stewart Morgridge Institute for Research
Rooksana Noorai Clemson University
Ross Thomson Google Inc
Rudi Eigenmann U. Delaware
Ryan Tanaka USC Information Sciences Institute
Sajesh Singh American Museum of Natural History
Salman Djingueinabaye University of Nebraska Lincoln
Sam Gelman University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sarhan Musa Priarie View A&M University
Saul Youssef Boston University
Scott Delinger University of Alberta
Senta Greene Vanderbilt University
Shawn Doughty Tufts University
Shawn McKee University of Michigan Physics
Soundar Rajendran Staff
Sridhara Dasu University of Wisconsin - Madison
Stacy Brodzik University of Washington
Stefan Piperov Purdue Univerisity
Steve Anthony Lehigh University
Steve Kolbe University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Stevin Wilson Clemson University
Strahinja Trecakov NMSU
Stuart Fuess Fermilab
Sudarshan Ghonge Georgia Inst of Tech
Suho Kim Florida State University
Sumanth Jannyavula Venkata NA
Susanne Pfeifer Arizona State University
Swabir Silayi George Mason University
Sylvana Airan UNL
Tabitha Welch University of Chicago
Tammy Walton Fermilab
Tanya Levshina Fermilab
Thomas DeFanti UC San Diego
Thomas Shearer University of Michigan
Tim Cartwright University of Wisconsin–Madison
Tim Larson University of Central Florida
Tim Slauson UW-Madison CHTC
Tim Theisen University of Wisconsin - Madison
Timothy Middelkoop Internet2
Tobey Brockman University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Tobin Magle UW-Madison
Todd Miller University of Wisconsin -- Madison
Todd Shechter UW-Madison
Todd Tannenbaum University of Wisconsin Madison (US)
Tom Barton University of Chicago and Internet2
Tom Brown Texas Tech University HPCC
Trevor Cooper UC San Diego - San Diego Supercomputer Center
Tulika Bose University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tung Nguyen University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Vasilka Chergarova CIARA FIU
Vikram Gazula University of Kentucky
Vinod Gupta Columbia University
Wei Yang SLAC
William Burke GWU
William Lai Cornell
William Strecker-Kellogg BNL
William Strossman University of California, Riverside
Willie Matthews Self
Witty Srisa-an UNL
Xin Zhao Brookhaven National Lab
Xuerong Yang UNL
Y. Richard Yang Yale University
Yinglu Jia 4026012527
Yu Shi University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Yufeng Xin RENCI
Yuwu Chen Louisiana State University
Zach Byerly Louisiana State University
Zahmeeth Sakkaff Argonne National Laboratory
Zalak Shah Indiana University
Zhongtao Zhang University of Nebraska-Lincoln