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MINERvA Neutrino Masterclass


The MINERvA Neutrino Masterclass is where students, working with teachers and physicists, get to be neutrino-physicists-for-a-day. In this masterclass they will:

  • learn about MINERvA and particle physics
  • make a measurement of now neutrinos interact with the atomic nucleus
  • pool their results
  • discuss results with their peers in the masterclass and across the world in a masterclass videoconference.

It will help to know more about International Masterclasses and what we mean by a "masterclass". We know that a violin or a flute masterclass is - students learning their art with a master musician - but what is it in the context of particle physics?



Cherie Bornhorst and Adam Pearlsein, Colorado State University QuarkNet center


This is all exciting but, since this masterclass is about neutrinos, maybe we should learn something about them:



Sowjanya Gollapinni, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Neutrinos are quite different from other particles and very difficult to detect. Thus we need specialized detectors, like MINERvA.



Screencast, QuarkNet


Want to know more? Check the Fermilab site All Things Neutrino.

Ready to press on? Go to the MINERvA Masterclass Introduction by following the Introduction link in the menu to the left. .




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