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February 13, 2020
US/Central timezone

Participant List

68 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Para Fermilab
Aisha Ibrahim FNAL -AD/INST
Bob Flora Fermilab
Carol Johnstone Fermilab
Claudius Krause Fermilab
Dave Pushka Fermilab
David Peterson Fermilab
Dean Edstrom AD/APC/FAST
Denton Morris Fermilab
Dmitry Litvintsev Fermilab
Donovan Tooke FNAL: AD/OPS
Elina Fuchs Fermilab and UChicago
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy FNAL
Gabriele Benelli Brown University
George Lolov Fermilab
Giuseppe Cerati Fermilab
Gordon Koizumi Fermilab
James Patrick Fermilab
James Simone Fermilab
Jason St.john Fermilab
Jen Adelman-McCarthy FNAL
Ji-eun Hong Kyungpook National University
Jim Hoff Fermilab
Joao Goncalves Caldeira Fermilab
Joshua Isaacson Fermilab
Julian Badillo rojas FRA
Ka hei martin Kwok Brown University
Katsuya Yonehara Fermilab
Ken Herner Fermilab
Kevin Pedro Fermilab
Kevin Retzke Fermilab SCD
Kyle Hazelwood AD/Main Injector
Lauren Biron Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Lia Merminga FNAL
Linden Carmichael FERMILAB
Luke Pickering Michigan State Universiy
Maral Alyari Fermilab
Marco Del Tutto Fermilab
Maria Acosta Femilab
Mary Convery Fermilab
Mattia Parise Fermilab
Mayling Wong-Squires Fermilab
Nhan Tran FNAL
Nicholas Smith Fermilab
Nilay Bostan The University of Iowa
Oliver Gutsche Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Omar Al Atassi Fermilab APS-TD Cryogenics
Oscar Garzon Universidad de los Andes
Patrick Fox Fermilab
Paul Ranieri FESS FNAL
Rahmat Rahmat SCC
Reddy pratap Gandrajula Michigan State University
Rishabh Uniyal The Catholic University of America
Robert Tschirhart Fermilab
Ryan Rivera FNAL
Samuel McDermott FNAL
Sergey Belomestnykh Fermilab
Sergo Jindariani FNAL
Shreyas Bhat Fermilab
Stefan Hoeche Fermilab
Stephen Brice FNAL
Stoyan Stoynev FNAL
Tanya Levshina Fermilab
Thomas Klijnsma Fermilab
Vic Scarpine Fermilab
William Higgins Fermilab
William Marsh Fermilab
Yujun Wu Fermilab