May 9 – 12, 2022
US/Central timezone
Join us shape the future

Scientific Program

  • Presentations by ROOT

    The ROOT team presents key new features and R&D lines. This includes topics such as:

    • RNTuple and object stores
    • RDataFrame, including on a cluster
    • RDataFrame's new Vary interface
    • ROOT used in finance research
    • interpreter features
    • ROOT-as-a-Python-module and pythonizations, covering RooFit, TFile context manager, pythonization decorator
    • RooFit's new architecture backends, GPU, automatic differentiation, and pythonizations
    • Sofie, ROOT's fast ML inference of LNNX models, using only BLAS
    • the new RBrowser
    • Eve7, the new event display
  • The View of Physicists

    New ROOT users are most sensitive to what ROOT can improve: we hope to hear especially their input! Experienced users will report on topics such as interoperability, the use of ROOT in high-performance scenarios, in mini-analysis-frameworks, and on production clusters.

  • The View of Experiments

    Virtually all experiments have plans or experience with ROOT-based analysis. Here we solicit input for ROOT-based analysis, and hope to hear future experiments' plans as well as current experiments' future plans.