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21-25 September 2009
One West, atrium, Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

83 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Ajit Kurup Imperial College London
Akira Sato Osaka University
Al Garren Particle Beam Lasers and LBNL (retired)
Alessandro Ruggiero Brookhaven National Laboratory
Androula Alekou Imperial College London
Arnd Baurichter Siemens AG Healthcare Sector
Bela Erdelyi Northern Illinois University
Bob Zwaska Fermilab
Carl Beard ASTeC, STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Carol Johnstone Fermilab
Christopher Prior STFC/ASTeC
Chuck Ankenbrandt Muons Inc.
Craig Moore Fermilab
Dan Abell Tech-X Corporation
Daniel Kaplan Illinois Institute of Technology
Dave Evenden Siemens - Roke Manor Research
Dave Johnson Fermilab
Dave Neuffer Fermilab
Dave Swenson Passport Systems Inc.
David Kelliher ASTeC/STFC
Dejan Trbojevic Brookhaven National Laboratory
Edward Nissen Northern Illinois University
Emi Yamakawa Kyoto university
Eric Prebys Fermilab
Francois Meot CEA&IN2P3
Francois Ostiguy Fermilab
Fred Mills Particle Acceleration Corp. and Fermilab (retired)
G. P. YEH Fermilab
Gianni Tassotto FNAL
J. Scott Berg Brookhaven National Laboratory
James Crisp AD Instrumentation
Jaroslaw Pasternak Imperial College/RAL STFC
jean-baptiste lagrange kyoto university
Jerry Nolen Argonne National Laboratory
Katsuya Yonehara Fermilab
Ken Frankel Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Kiyomi Seiya Fermilab
Kyoko Makino Michigan State University
Laura Bandura NSCL, Michigan State University
Manfred Wendt Fermilab
Martin Berz Michigan State University
MaryAnne Cummings Muons Inc.
Michael Craddock UBC & TRIUMF
Michael Zisman Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Milorad Popovic Fermilab
Morteza Aslaninejad Imperial College
Moses chung Fermilab
Neil Bliss STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Nikolai Mokhov Fermilab
Paul Beasley Siemens Healthcare
Paul DeLuca University of Wisconsin
Pavel Snopok UC Riverside
Phil Meads none
Rajendran Raja Fermilab
Ray Stefanski Fermilab
Richard Levy ABC Foundation
Rick Ford Fermilab
Robert Ledoux Passport Systems Inc.
Roger Barlow Manchester University and the Cockcroft Institute
Sam Tygier Manchester University
Shane Koscielniak TRIUMF
Shashikant Manikonda Argonne National Laboratory
Shekhar Mishra Fermilab
Shin Masui Sumitomo Heavy Industries(USA), Inc.
Shinji Machida ASTeC STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Susan Smith STFC Daresbury Lab
Suzanne Sheehy University of Oxford, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science
Takeichiro Yokoi JAI,Oxford University
Thomas Planche Kyoto University
Tomonori Uesugi Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute (KURRI)
Vladimir Shiltsev Fermilab
Wai-Ming Tam Fermilab
Walter Henning Argonne National Laboratory
William Bertozzi Passport Systems Inc.
William Franklin Passport Systems Inc.
yoel giboudot cockcroft institute/Brunel University
Yoshiharu Mori Kyoto University, Research Reactor Institute
Yoshihiro Ishi Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute
Yosuke Yuri Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Yuri Alexahin Fermilab
Yves Jongen Ion Beam Applications s.a. (IBA)
yves roblin thomas jefferson national accelerator facility (TJNAF)