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1-2 June 2011
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

Number of participants: 17

downname institution position city country/region
AMBROSIO, Giorgio Fermilab     United States
Prof. BISOGNANO, Joseph Wisconsin Synchrotron Radiation Center Director    
CASPI, Shlomo LBNL   Berkeley United States
GERIG, Rod Argonne National Laboratory      
Dr. GHOSH, Arup Brookhaven National Laboratory   Upton United States
Dr. LEN, L.K. U.S. Department of Energy      
Dr. LISSAUER, David Brookhaven National Lab. Deputy Associate Lab Director for NPP Upton United States
Dr. MINERVINI, Joseph MIT Senior Research Engineer Cambridge, MA United States
NASSIRI, Ali Argonne National Laboratory Physicist/Department Head   United States
Dr. PREBYS, Eric Fermilab     United States
RATTI, Alessandro LBNL      
Dr. SALPIETRO, Ettore Jefferson Laboratory      
Dr. STRAUSS, Bruce U.S. Department of Energy   Washington, DC 20585 United States
VALISHEV, Alexander Fermilab      
Dr. WANDERER, Peter Brookhaven Lab