October 13, 2020
Europe/Dublin timezone

The goal of the tutorial is to prepare outside collaborators to conduct physics studies in the asymmetric environment of electron-proton collisions at the LHeC/FCC-eh.

The minimal computing requirements to participate in the tutorial are access to a centOS7 machine.  In addition, access to cvmfs is extremely useful.  For those without access to such resources, the OSG has kindly offered to provide support.  An account on “Snowmass-Connect” can be requested at [1]. Documentation for this service is available at [2].  Support related to this service is available through a dedicated slack channel [3].


For those who will participate in the tutorial using the OSG machine, a central installation of WHIZARD is available and will be used.  Those who wish to participate in the tutorial using some other machine should install WHIZARD in advance of the tutorial, and verify that the installation was successful (there won’t be time to debug installation issues).  Installation instructions for a variety of platforms are available at [4].  Further, for this tutorial it is important that WHIZARD is installed along with a patched version of PYTHIA (specifically for high-energy electron proton collisions), which is available at [5].  Feel free to request an account and use the OSG machine if you prefer not to deal with the installation.

To help anticipate the number of attendees, please register if you plan to participate.  The tutorial will be recorded and posted to indico ASAP for those who are unable to attend in real time.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://cern.zoom.us/s/94887706854

Meeting ID:    948 8770 6854
Passcode:    012060

[1] https://connect.snowmass21.io/

[2] https://maniaclab.uchicago.edu/snowmass-connect-docs/

[3] https://snowmass2021.slack.com/archives/C019UAV3YQL

[4] https://whizard.hepforge.org/manual/manual003.html

[5] https://whizard.hepforge.org/versions/unofficial/whizard-3.0.0_beta+pythia6_patch_ep_collisions.tar.gz

Registration for this event is currently open.