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The Sixth Neutrino Social Global

David Martinez Caicedo (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)
  • Abraham Teklu
  • Alexey Petrov
  • Barbara Yaeggy
  • Brenda Aurea Cervantes Vergara
  • Bruce Baller
  • Bruce Howard
  • Carlos Solano
  • Carolina Garcia Bonilla
  • Chang Kee Jung
  • Cindy Joe
  • Ciro Riccio
  • Cristian Cerón
  • David Martinez Caicedo
  • Diana Leon
  • ebode onyie fabien
  • Ewan Miller
  • Filippo Varanini
  • Guang Yang
  • Herman Winick
  • Hyeonja Jhang
  • Ilham El Atmani
  • Jarek Nowak
  • Jessie Micallef
  • Joshua Barrow
  • José Fernando Mandeur Díaz
  • Magdalena Waleska Aldana Segura
  • Maitrayee Mandal
  • orlando peres
  • Pablo García Mencos
  • Parada Tobel Paraduan Hutauruk
  • Rebekah Pestes
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Robert Zwaska
  • Sasha Tomalak
  • Tailin Zhu
  • Vivek Sharma
Neutrino Social Organizing Committee
    • 3:30 PM 5:00 PM
      Regina Rameika 1h 30m

      Dr. Regina Rameika was a member of the international team of scientists who discovered the tau neutrino by making the first observation of its interactions with matter using the Direct Observation of the Nu Tau, or DONuT experiment at Fermilab. Regina served as project manager for building the Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search, or MINOS, experiment at Fermilab and headed the Fermilab Neutrino Division from 2014 to 2016.
      Gina has worked on advancing plans for DUNE since the 2000s, many years before the experiment obtained its official name. Since then, Regina has served in a variety of positions within the DUNE collaboration, and, as the construction coordinator, was instrumental in the success of the single-phase ProtoDUNE detector at CERN. For the past two years, Regina held the position of resource coordinator within the DUNE collaboration, overseeing finances and staffing, among other duties. Since April 2021, Regina assumed the role of co-spokesperson for DUNE.