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KISTI/FNAL Simulation and HPC

WH11NE - Sunrise (FNAL)

WH11NE - Sunrise


explore common interests in simulation related computing projects between KISTI and FNAL EVO : KISTI-FNAL Simulation and HPC from Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:00 (CST) Community: Universe, Password: fnal
    • 5:00 PM 5:05 PM
      Introduction 5m
    • 5:05 PM 5:10 PM
      Overview of FNAL Computing Enabling Technologies Group 5m
      Speaker: James Kowalkowski
    • 5:10 PM 5:15 PM
      Overview of FNAL Detector Simulation Group 5m
      Speaker: Daniel Elvira
    • 5:15 PM 5:20 PM
      Simulation and Many Cores 5m
      Speaker: Philippe Canal
    • 5:20 PM 5:40 PM
      Overview of KISTI Future Program/Technology Development Group 20m
      Speaker: Kihyeon Cho
    • 5:40 PM 6:00 PM
      Discussion and Future Plan 20m
      Speaker: ALL