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14-23 June 2012
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Scientific Programme

The Project X Physics Study will consist of several working groups exploring physics experiments that can use the intense Project X beams and several more working groups exploring enabling technologies (detectors and, in theoretical physics, lattice gauge theory).
  • Neutrino experiments

    Conveners: Patrick Huber, André de Gouvêa degouvea@northwestern.edu, Koichiro Nishikawa, Geoffrey Mills, Steve Geer

    Long- and short-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.
    Non-oscillation neutrino experiments.
    Neutrino cross section measurement.

    Summary paper

  • Kaon experiments

    Conveners: Vincenzo Cirigliano, Kevin Pitts

    Rare kaon decays.
    Experiments with kaon beams.

    Summary paper

  • Muon experiments

    Conveners: Graham Kribs, Bob Bernstein

    Muon-to-electron conversion.
    Muon decay to electron+photon.
    Experiments with muon beams.

    Summary paper

  • Electric dipole moments

    Conveners: Susan Gardner, Tim Chupp, Zheng-Tian Lu

    Measurement of electric dipole moments of the neutron, proton, radioisotopes, ..., and related measurements.

    Summary paper

  • Neutron-antineutron oscillations

    Conveners: Chris Quigg, Albert Young

    Reach of neutron-antineutron oscillation experiments.

    Summary paper

  • Hadronic physics

    Conveners: Stephen Godfrey,Paul Reimer

    Hadron structure, including pdfs, quark content of the nucleon. Fundamental physics measurements with hadronic beams. Fundamental physics measurements with hadronic targets.

  • Lattice QCD

    Conveners: Ruth Van de Water, Tom Blum

    Lattice QCD calculations of matrix elements for mesons and baryons, including transition form factors. Next-generation lattice-QCD calculations such as those needed for muon g – 2. Computer hardware and software requirements for Project-X experiments.

    Summary paper

  • Tracking

    Conveners: Jack Ritchie, Ron Lipton

    Develop field-work proposals supporting development of ultra-low-mass, charged-particle tracking technologies for very high rate environments.

    Summary paper

  • EM calorimetry

    Conveners: David Hitlin, Milind Diwan

    Develop field-work proposals supporting R&D for a "perfect" high-energy photon detector: next-generation performance in energy, position, direction and timing measurements in a high-rate environment.

    Summary paper

  • Time of flight

    Conveners: Bob Wagner, Mike Albrow

    Develop field-work proposals supporting R&D for next-generation time-of-flight systems with performance better than 10 ps.

  • Neutrino detectors

    Conveners: Jonghee Yoo, Kevin McFarland, Rex Tayloe

    Develop field-work proposals supporting R&D for high-resolution measurement techniques for neutrino and exotica interactions near a high-power target.

    Summary paper

  • Large-area, cost-effective detectors

    Conveners: Yuri Kamyshkov, Mayly Sanchez

    Develop field-work proposals supporting R&D for large-area cost-effective detector technologies for rare energetic events, such as nucleon decay and neutron-antineutron oscillations.