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Brian Rebel (University of Wisconsin and Fermilab), Christofas Touramanis Douramanis (University of Liverpool), Justin Evans (University of Manchester)

Review of Production Readiness for the DUNE Anode Plane Assemblies (APAs)

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UK APA Production50m

Speakers: Justin Evans (University of Manchester), Justin Evans


Bo: For protolab 1 parts did you think of another vendor since these vendors are expensive for small orders < 100?

Answer: No although Anthony has some alternative companies in mind as well - we wanted a single source company so we have enough for an initial quote. 

Anthony: We have trained protolabs to make the molds and we have been working them for more than 5 years or so and are confident they will deliver to spec. Changing a company now would mean setting up an R&D setup. That is going to take a lot of time - that was one of the driving factors we settled for protolabs.


Question: UK is using a lot of vendors are you sending them individual drawings in independent packages?

Answer: Yes, all documentation is in EDMS [the individual packages??] and when drawings change we resend with all the supporting documentation and we also put all documentation back from vendors in EDMS.


Question: When is the inspection happening on the frame? So you measure at PSM and all is fine but because of manufacturing defect after transport at Daresbury the frame is out of spec - what do you do then?

Answer: It is not manipulated in a way at PSM - supported at 3 points - that allow for much damage.

Question: How much is it inspected to make sure the fastening bolt torque is to spec?

Answer: We don’t have a spec on bolt torque as of now. The way we settle the tender is the payment is posted after frame passes checks at Daresbury. We have up to two weeks after delivery to qualify. It is four hours by truck so it gets delivered the same day. 



Plans for Storage & Testing20m

Speaker: Brian Rebel (University of Wisconsin and Fermilab)



Jonathan: In the risk registry will you have enough cold electronics for testing in the cold box at CERN?

Answer: There is one cold box testing facility at CERN and the electronics + spares are cycled


Jack (and Mary): What about the preparations at Fermilab? How ready are you for that? When do you project the first APAs being at Fermilab?

Answer: First APAs at Fermilab early next year, we are still in early stages of planning for Fermilab tests and have identified that space at DAB will not be in conflict with ND tests


Kettell: What are the plans for testing at South Dakota?

Answer: There is no test after shipment to SURF - it goes straight down the shaft and then is tested in-situ. That is why we have the intermediate step with storage at Fermilab so we have better climate controlled storage facilities.


Manhong: What is the procedure with a broken wire?

Answer: We can cut out a broken wire. There is enough redundancy that we can handle missing wires.


Roberto: Once the APAs are cold tested at CERN are they shipped to Fermilab or back to UK? On SBND - we are finding it difficult to ship to Fermilab something that is not from the country of origin (for example UK product from CERN)

Answer: The APAs they go UK-CERN-UK-US


Module Zero Lessons-learned20m

Speakers: Justin Evans, Justin Evans (University of Manchester)


Linda: Question about of Epoxy - the suggestion from FDR it was commented that the amount of Epoxy applied with a syringe to control it?

Answer: We have an automated epoxy application where the epoxy is applied in known amounts and we have reduced the amount by a 1/3 from the FDR.


Bo: Worried about using blind holes - experience at BNL is that in this thick multilayer boards they would fail in the cold and recover in the warm. Will they be all tested in the cold and will there be thermal cycling to make sure they will hold up?

Answer: All CR boards will be tested in the cold.


APA 1 test at CERN and performance20m

Speaker: Christofas Touramanis Douramanis (University of Liverpool)


Linda: Is there a maintenance or calibration procedures on the winding machines?

Yes: We do a calibration before we wind each layer and same software for all winders. And every 7 APAs  we go down for maintenance for 1 week. Each winder has a laser tracker measurement and we will be checking that - we havent finalized the schedule for those tests yet but plan is we will use the week down time for them.


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