May 17 – 24, 2022
US/Central timezone

Candidate statements

Mateus F. Carneiro

Hi Young DUNE,

I'm Mateus F. Carneiro, BNL postdoc. I'm currently the co-convener of the Neutrino Interaction and SM group and part of the DUNE Outreach committee. I also just been in the SAC for the past year and I appreciate the opportunity of being in the position for another year. I can say from experience that I really appreciate this position exists within the DUNE collaboration. Having representation from our young community in the higher levels of the organization is not just good but necessary for a healthy recognition of the work we do, as well as of our needs. In this past year I did my best to bring the students and postdocs point of view to the spokes. I look forward to continuing this work. Thanks again for the consideration.



Richie Diurba

My name is Richie Diurba and I am a postdoc at the University of Bern. I am very honored to be nominated for this position. I believe I have the necessary experience as previously I served as a coordinator of MicroBooNE Young and as an officer of the Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association. In addition, I helped with the Fermilab Inclusion Matters seminar series from January to July 2021.

These leadership positions have taught me what young scientists care about and how to best implement changes, specifically with career advancement and diversity and inclusion programs. The unique thing I bring to the table, I believe, is that I am an American based in Europe with a degree in politics. This background gives me insights when DUNE discusses DOE jargon and how DUNE procedures impact non-US partners.

Please feel free to email me at if there are any questions or concerns.



Pip Hamilton

Hi Young DUNE! I'm Pip Hamilton; currently a postdoc at Imperial College (and previously at Syracuse University, where I was stationed at FNAL). I've been one of the Young DUNE SAC reps for the last year; it's a role I enjoy and believe I can continue doing well. I have past experience liaising with collaboration management from my time as MicroBooNE run coordinator, and I know how to make myself heard in discussions with senior collaborators.

As I said last year, I believe that the interests of early-career researchers are also the long-term interests of the experiment and the field - without building up a future for young researchers, DUNE and HEP in general aren't sustainable projects! The SAC's remit is broad, and my approach over the last year has been to focus on advocating for transparency and openness to Young DUNE input in the collaboration's high-level decision-making. I believe there's still work to be done there, and I hope I can advance it further if you return me for a second term.



Isobel Mawby

Hello all! My name is Isobel Mawby (they/them) and I’m in the third year of my PhD at the University of Warwick, UK. I’m a member of the Pandora pattern recognition group where I’m currently working to improve our reconstruction with respect to a physics measurable – delta CP. Outside of my PhD I’m usually found with my trusty companion, my road bike Ruben, and enjoy going on cycling adventures in the nearby Cotswolds.

I’m grateful to be considered for the position of Young DUNE SAC representative. The Pandora group is filled with such welcoming and friendly people, and I’ve found that their support has eased me ‘finding my feet’ within the collaboration allowing me to focus on and love my research as well as giving me the confidence to share my work with others. As Young DUNE SAC rep, I’d do my upmost to gather and pass along our communities’ views in order to support my fellow and new peers in the same way allowing us, as a community, to thrive.



Paula Nehm

Hi Young DUNE! My name is Paula Nehm and my pronouns are they/them. I’m currently a PhD student at JGU Mainz in Germany and working on the ND-GAr ECAL (though I’m not sure how long I will continue doing this with the recent development of ND-GAr…). First of all, thank you for the nomination. As I’m rather new to the collaboration I didn’t expect to get nominated for the Spokespersons Advisory Committee. 

As a new PhD student I haven’t been a convener or representative before but I still believe that I  could perform this role well, thinking often outside of the box, being problem-solving oriented and also not shy to express my opinion. Being at the beginning of my scientific career and as it will take considerable time before I am no  longer part of Young DUNE, I think it is very important that we are also heard and our opinions  considered and I would therefore feel honored to help make sure that happens.