July 14, 2022
US/Central timezone

Workshop Description

The one-day Workshop on Low-Energy Muonium and Muon Physics at Fermilab will explore the physics potential of the Fermilab Linac and the coming PIP-II linac in the areas of low-energy muonium and muon physics, and the near-term opportunities for R&D in preparation for exploitation of those opportunities. (Muonium is a bound state of an antimuon and an electron, discovered by V. Hughes et al. in 1960.)

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The search for muonium–antimuonium oscillations, a doubly charged-lepton-flavor-violating (CLFV) process.
  • Precision studies of the muonium atomic spectrum. As a pure-QED system, muonium's atomic energy levels can be predicted with extreme precision, allowing possible new physics to stand out clearly.

  • The first measurement of antimatter and second-generation-lepton gravity using muonium.

Such physics efforts are not currently part of the Fermilab plan but (we argue) can be added at small cost, with large physics payoff. In the PIP-II era, Fermilab could be the world's best facility for such research, possibly supplanting the Swiss PSI laboratory as the world leader.

Workshop goals include:

  • Outlining a Fermilab muonium R&D proposal.

  • Building a collaboration to advance the proposal towards approval.

For more detail, please see the Timetable.