Final-State Interactions in inclusive and exclusive one-nucleon knockout

by Alexis Nikolakopoulos (FNAL)


Final-state interactions (FSI) are important for both inclusive and exclusive lepton-nucleus interactions.

For the inclusive case, neutrino event generators may make use of nuclear response tables which include the effects of FSI. To describe the hadron variables one then resorts to a model for the initial state followed by the treatment of FSI in nuclear cascade models.

We show how such an approach may lead to different results for outgoing nucleons compared to a full calculation. We then avoid this problem of factorization, and perform a consistent comparison of proton FSI in the NEUT cascade model and in distorted-wave calculations that successfully describe exclusive (e,e^\prime p) reactions. We show that the cascade and distorted wave calculations agree for high nucleon energies but differ greatly for small energies.

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