DUNE Computing Tutorial

Online World

Online World

Heidi Schellman (Oregon state), Michael Kirby (FNAL), Thomas Junk (Fermilab), Kenneth Herner (Fermilab), Claire David (York University / FNAL), David DeMuth (Valley City State University)

Welcome to the first DUNE Computing Tutorial of the new year!


This tutorial will teach the basics of DUNE Computing, and is split into four parts that you can attend independently, although we advise newcomers to follow the whole event though.

Each part will include instruction provided by DUNE computing experts who will guide participants through hands-on activities. Mentors will answer questions and provide technical support.

Who can attend

Everyone is welcome. However the training requires an understanding of basic Unix shell commands; please work through The Unix Shell in advance of the training.

You will need a valid FNAL or CERN computing account to be able to work through the activities, and thus an official DUNE Collaboration member. Contact your team leader to verify.

Preparatory work

Get your setup ready before the event. Follow the computer setup instructions here.


If you have a question, a remark or concerns, two ways:

See you soon at the tutorial!

Heidi Schellman