May 24 – 25, 2023
US/Central timezone

Learn the basics of DUNE computing through interactive lectures followed by hands-on practice exercises.  This tutorial will be offered at Fermilab, and will be delivered remotely via zoom. 

For more experienced users: improve your programming skills and answer your burning questions about your own code.

How to attend

Make certain you have a CERN or Fermilab computing account well ahead of time. Getting DUNE Computer accounts has instructions on joining DUNE and getting FNAL accounts. If you do not have a Fermilab or CERN account yet  you need to start the process immediately.  It can take several weeks and the tutorial runners will not be able to help you.   You must register on this site by May 22.  We will send zoom information to registered users before the event. 

Please complete the preliminary setup steps at: by May 22nd to ensure that you have a valid account.  We can help debug account problems before the tutorial but we will not spend tutorial time helping people who did not test ahead of time.


There will be interactive lectures
The tutorials will consist of demos and hands-on activities. You can ask questions at any time during these live sessions. It will be recorded, so if you can’t make it, the material and videos will be made available afterwards.

There will be a live Q&A
You can write questions anonymously on a separate live document and experts will provide answers.

There will be quizzes
For learning while having fun. These quizzes are only available live.

There will be ‘code-makeovers’
Do you have an open question on how to best implement something in your code? For instance the bookkeeping of the inputs/outputs, or the systematic variations? If you let us know when you register, you will get an expert helping you polish your program in a professional way!

There will be ‘modules’
Specific topics are covered asynchronously and offered as 'modules'. If you have difficulties completing the exercises, ask for help on the Slack channel

There will be special sessions “Expert in the room”
This tutorial is associated with a given module. It is a live session with experts commenting on your exercise solutions and answering your questions.


The schedule for this workshop will occur on two afternoons, Wednesday May 24, and Thursday, May 25, 2023, starting each day at 2:00 pm.


Contact the team at
If you are on the DUNE Slack, we have created a dedicated channel: #computing_training_basics

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Application for this event is currently open.