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November 13, 2012
US/Central timezone

Registrants List

39 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alain Blondel DPNC, University of Geneva
Alvin Tollestrup FNAL
Ao Liu Fermilab
Cary Yoshikawa Muons, Inc.
Chuck Ankenbrandt Muons, Inc
Daniel Kaplan Illinois Institute of Technology
David Neuffer Fermilab
Estia Eichten Fermilab
Franco Bedeschi INFN-Pisa
Gail Hanson University of California, Riverside
Gene Flanagan Muons, Inc
GP Yeh Fermilab
Greg Bock FNAL
Hans Wenzel FNAL
James Maloney Northern Illinois University
Jean-Pierre Delahaye SLAC
John Tompkins Fermilab
John Yoh Fermilab
Katsuya Yonehara Fermilab
Keith Gollwitzer Fermilab
Mark Palmer Fermilab
Mary A Cummings Muons, Inc.
Milorad Popovic Fermilab
Nikolai Terentiev Carnegie Mellon U
Pavel Snopok IIT/Fermilab
Pierrick Hanlet Illinois Institute of Technology
Robert Abrams Muons, Inc.
Rolland Johnson Muons, Inc.
Ronald Lipton Fermilab
Stephen Kahn Muons, Inc.
Terry Hart University of Mississippi
Tianhuan Luo University of Mississippi
Tom Roberts Muons, Inc.
Valeri Lebedev FNAL
Valery Telnov Budker INP
Yagmur Torun IIT/FNAL
Yasar Onel University of Iowa
Young-Kee Kim FNAL / U of Chicago
Yuri Alexahin Fermilab