BREAD Collaboration Meeting October 2023

MCP 201 (Michelson Center for Physics (MCP))

MCP 201

Michelson Center for Physics (MCP)

933 East 56th Street South Entrance Room 201 Chicago IL 60637 773-702-7823
Andrew Sonnenschein (Fermilab), David Miller (University of Chicago), Stefan Knirck (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)


Welcome to the second BREAD (Broadband Reflector Experiment for Axion Detection) collaboration meeting which will take place at the University of Chicago October 4-6, 2023.

The meeting is open to anyone interested in BREAD. The meeting will cover:

  • Science results from GigaBREAD, and status of InfraBREAD
  • Quantum sensing from GHz to Infrared
  • Enhancing the dish antenna: Horn Arrays, Dielectrics and Resonances
  • Opportunities for Large-Scale Funding and Collaboration Forming


On-site attendance:

See this link for lodging options,

The main venue will the Michelson Center for Physics (MCP) and we will use the main conference room on the second floor, overlooking the quadrangle to the south of the building, MCP 201,

+++ Friday outing plan: Architecture Tours at Wendella. It’s more fun than educational, while still being interesting. 
For 10 people, would be $510, or $51/person, including a $9 drink ticket. There’s space at 6:15pm, 7:15pm, and 8:15pm on Friday still.
Please sign up for Friday’s Architecture tour by Tuesday, October 3, by replying to this mail or directly to David!
+++ Wednesday lunch & Thursday dinner:  see information below in agenda
+++ WIFI: 
Connect to wireless network: uchicago-guest
Open web browser
Enter username: bread
Enter password: physics


Remote attendance:

We will stream talks and discussions via Zoom. Zoom information will be distributed via e-mail.