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NPC Neutrino Seminar

High-energy neutrino and multi-messenger signatures from extreme astrophysical phenomena

by Dr Mainak Mukhopadhyay (Pennsylvania State University)

Zoom + Hornet’s Nest (WH8X)

Zoom + Hornet’s Nest (WH8X)


Abstract: In the current era of multi-messenger astronomy, gravitational wave (GW), neutrino, photon, and cosmic ray observations are combined to extract information about astrophysical sources and phenomena in the Universe. In this talk, I will discuss some aspects of multi-messenger observations associated with tidal disruption events (TDEs), binary neutron star (BNS) mergers, and gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). In particular, recent radio observations and coincident neutrino detections suggest that some tidal disruption events (TDEs) exhibit late-time activities relative to the optical emission peak. I will discuss the multi-messenger implications of delayed choked jets in TDEs, which could be a plausible explanation for the late-time activity ( Additionally, I will discuss the possibility and prospects of performing stacked triggered searches for high-energy neutrinos from BNS mergers using the next generation GW detectors at IceCube-Gen2 ( Finally, I will talk about the implications that can be obtained from searches for high-energy neutrinos and quasi-thermal neutrinos from the brightest gamma-ray burst (GRB), GRB 221009A (