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28-30 April 2014
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Shielding and activation studies for the ELI-Beamlines project


Roberto Versaci (ELI-Beamlines)


ELI-Beamlines is one of the four pillars of the Extreme Light Infrastructure, a European ESFRI Project, for the next generation of high energy and high intensity lasers. It aims at the development of high-brightness sources of X-rays and at the acceleration of proton, electron, and ion beams, to be used both for pure research and practical applications. Aiming at a proper radiation protection assessment, for both shielding and activation, extensive FLUKA simulations have been performed, taking into account the laser high repetition rates. The present work, which is the continuation of the calculations presented at SATIF10, is the first one based on the design of the facility presently being constructed and on the updated experimental setups.

Primary author

Roberto Versaci (ELI-Beamlines)


Alberto Fasso' (ELI-Beamlines) Anna Ferrari (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

Presentation Materials