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As DOE O 142.3A, Unclassified Foreign Visits and Assignments Program (FVA) applies not only to physical access to DOE sites, technologies, and equipment, but also information, all remote events hosted by Fermilab must comply with FVA requirements. This includes participant registration and agenda review. Please contact Melissa Ormond, FVA Manager, with any questions.
16-18 June 2014
US/Central timezone

Participant List

81 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Andrei Gaponenko Fermilab
Andrew Norman Fermilab
Andrzej Szelc Yale University
Anjan Giri IIT Hyderabad
Anne Heavey Fermilab
Ariana Hackenburg Yale University
Arthur Kreymer Fermilab
Avdhesh Chandra Rice University
Ben Carls FNAL
Bernabeu Gerard Fermilab
Bo Jayatilaka Fermilab
Brett Viren BNL
Brian Rebel Fermilab
Brian Tice Argonne National Laboratory
Chris Green Fermilab
Christina Ms. University of Hawaii / SULI internship
Craig Group Virginia and Fermilab
Dave Dykstra Fermilab
David Brown Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Diane Reitzner Fermilab
Dmitry Litvintsev Fermilab
Elena Gramellini Yale University
Elizabeth Buckley-Geer Fermilab
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy FNAL
Eric Flumerfelt University of Tennessee
Gabriel Perdue Fermilab
Gabriele Garzoglio Fermilab
Gavin Davies Iowa State University
Gene Oleynik Fermilab
Gianluca Petrillo University of Rochester / Fermilab
Heidi Schellman Northwestern
Herbert Greenlee Fermilab
Jason St. John University of Cincinnati
Jesus Orduna Rice University
Joe Boyd Fermilab
Jonathan Paley Argonne National Laboratory
Katherine Lato Fermilab
Kazuhiro Terao Columbia University
Keith Chadwick Fermilab
Ken Herner Fermilab
Kenyi Hurtado Anampa CBPF
Kevin Hill Fermilab
Kuldeep Kaur Maan Panjab University, Chandigarh,
Kurt Biery Fermilab
Kyle Knoepfel Fermilab
Lynn Garren Fermilab
Marc Mengel Fermilab
Marco Mambelli Fermilab
Marek Zielinski Rochester/Fermilab
Margaret Votava SCD/SCS
Marko Slyz Fermilab
Maxim Potekhin Brookhaven National Laboratory
Michael Diesburg Fermilab
Michael Gheith Fermilab
Michael Kirby Fermilab
Neha Sharma Fermilab
Nitin Yadav IIT Guwahati
Nuno Barros University of Pennsylvania
Parag Mhashilkar Fermi National Laboratory
Pawel Kryczynski Fermilab/INP PAS
Qizhong Li Fermilab
Rahmat Rahmat Mid America Christian University
Rashid Mehdiyev University of Texas at Austin
Ray Culbertson FNAL
Rob Kutschke Fermilab
Robert Hatcher Fermilab
Robert Illingworth Fermilab
Rukmani Mohanta University of Hyderabad
Sam Zeller Fermilab
Stephen White Fermilab
Stephen Wolbers Fermilab
Steve Jones Fermilab
Steven Timm Fermilab
Stu Fuess Fermilab
Tanya Levshina Fermilab
Thomas Junk Fermilab
Tingjun Yang FNAL
Vitaly Pronskikh Fermilab
Wesley Ketchum Los Alamos National Laboratory