NuInt12 will be hosted by the Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All presentation will be at the Ministro João Alberto Lins de Barros auditorium.

Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150
Urca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

CBPF is located in a busy and pleasant neighborhood close to historical and tourist areas like the Sugarloaf mountain, praia Vermelha and Copacabana. Important shopping areas are only about a five minute walk from CBPF with a large variety of stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, iceskating rings, bookstores and more. There is plenty of transportation that can take you to any area of the city.
Tourist Information on Rio may be found at (available in Portuguese,English and in Spanish).


There are many restaurants around CBPF serving food of different styles and at different prices. Many restaurants work by the weight system where you are charged based on the amount (measured in grams) of food you get from a buffet. Many operate as a flat fee buffet and others have a menu service. A meal may go from less than R$10.00 in simple student restaurants to around R$ 50.00 in more elaborated places. Good meals can be found in the R$ 10.00 to R$ 20.00 range. In all cases add extra for drinks. Many restaurants add a 10% service fee. Otherwise a customary 10% may voluntarily be paid to the server.

Restaurants near CBPF

Two shopping centers, both about 15 minutes walking time or less away from CBPF, provide a variety of options for lunching and dinning.See the map below and find, in the next page, a very brief description of what one may expect to find at each location.
Shopping Rio Sul

A five minute walk from CBPF, it is one of the main shopping malls in Rio. It has more than 50 restaurants and eateries spread all over its six floors. Its associated 40 story tower is home of many companies and businesses.
Plaza Shopping

It is a small shopping mall less than ten minute walk from CBPF with around ten options for lunch. Not too many restaurants, but some good ones, like a famous stakehouse, a Mediterranean restaurant and a Japanese one.