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Deep and shallow inelastic scattering, quark hadron duality

Sep 9, 2014, 5:00 PM

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Prof. Martin Tzanov (Louisiana State University)
9/9/14, 5:00 PM
Mr Kenyi Paolo Hurtado Anampa (CBPF)
9/9/14, 5:20 PM
Dr Alfons Weber (University of Oxford & STFC/RAL)
9/9/14, 5:40 PM
Prof. Eric Christy (Hampton University)
9/10/14, 9:00 AM
Dr Eram Rizvi (Queen Mary, University of London)
9/10/14, 9:25 AM
Jorge G. Morfin (Fermilab)
9/10/14, 9:50 AM
Dr Olga Lalakulich (Universitaet Giessen)
9/10/14, 10:40 AM
Dr Olga Lalakulich (Universitaet Giessen)
9/10/14, 11:00 AM
9/10/14, 11:20 AM
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