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Current and future experiments

Sep 9, 2014, 9:30 AM

Presentation materials

There are no materials yet.
Dr Teppei Katori (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
9/9/14, 9:30 AM
Mr Guillermo Fiorentini (CBPF)
9/9/14, 9:55 AM
Dr Andrzej Szelc (Yale University)
9/9/14, 10:45 AM
Mr Daniel Scully (University of Warwick)
9/9/14, 11:10 AM
Dr Jaroslaw Nowak (University of Minnesota)
9/9/14, 11:35 AM
Dr Mark Hartz (University of Toronto/York University)
9/13/14, 4:00 PM
Georgia Karagiorgi (Columbia University)
9/13/14, 4:25 PM
Prof. Alan Bross (Fermilab)
9/13/14, 4:50 PM
Dr Marc Bergevin (UC Davis)
9/13/14, 5:15 PM
9/13/14, 5:40 PM
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