February 23, 2015
US/Central timezone
This 1-day long Chicagoland-based DES meeting creates a common discussion platform for those who work on Dark Energy Survey at Fermilab, KICP, UChicago, UIUC, NCSA, and Argonne. The ongoing Dark Energy Survey is designed to probe the origin of the accelerating universe and help uncover the nature of dark energy by measuring the 14-billion-year history of cosmic expansion with high precision. Learn more about the survey at http://www.darkenergysurvey.org/.
This meeting is the 2nd of a continuing series of meetings held at one of the participating institutions every two or three months. It will be held at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory on February 23rd, 2015. The meeting aims to update and discuss various science/infrastructure projects that are going on in Chicagoland and provide a channel for interested people to join ongoing/new projects.
Wilson Hall, One West
Pine St and Kirk Rd Batavia, IL 60510