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26-29 June 2017
Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, USA
US/Eastern timezone
26-29 June 2017 Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, USA

Scientific Program

Here is the program for the workshop.
Here is the complete list of contributions (talks and posters).

PDF version of talks (in 
alphabetical order)

Robert Andrassy
3D Hydrodynamic Simulations of C Ingestion into a Convective O Shell

Trystyn Berg
Probing Chemical Evolution with Damped Lyman Alpha Systems

Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Cosmology in the Near Field: The Era of Massive Stellar Surveys

Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Conference Overview Talk

Rongmon Bordoloi
Forging Connections: Mapping the Nuclear Outflow of the Milky Way Seen as the Fermi Bubbles

Sven Buder
The Galah Survey. Forging Connections in the Solar Neighborhood in the Era of Large Scale Stellar Surveys

Matthew Caplan
Nuclear Pasta in Supernovae and Neutron Star Mergers

Charlie Conroy
Extragalactic Archeology

Roland Diehl
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of Cosmic Sources

Iris Dillmann
From the Lab to the Cosmos: Measuring Neutron-Rich Isotopes at TRIUMF (and Jyväskylä) and RIKEN

Marius Eichler
Nucleosynthesis of Heavy Elements: Open Questions

Rana Ezzeddine
Non-LTE Abundance Analysis of the most Iron-Poor Stars in the Galaxy

Anna Frebel
A Rare and Prolific r-Process Event Observed in the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Reticulum II

Carla Fröhlich
Nucleosynthesis Yields from CC Supernovae

Chris Fryer
The Core-Collapse Supernova Engine and Galactic Chemical Evolution

Brad Gibson
Confronting Chemodynamical Simulations with Observations

Gerry Gilmore
The Gaia-ESO Survey. Some Reflections

Evan Grohs
Neutrino Cosmology with Nucleosynthesis

Alexander Heger
Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars

Falk Herwig
Galactic Chemical Evolution Contributions to First-Peak Elements (Z=34-42) from i Process in Rapidly Accreting White Dwarfs

Adam Jacobs
Self-Consistently Exploring X-Ray Burst Reaction Rate Sensitivities

Alex Ji
Homogeneous Chemical Abundances in Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies

Amanda Karakas
Nucleosynthesis and Yields from Low and Intermediate-Mass Stars

Duane Lee
Playing your CARDs Right: Constraining the Origin of r-Process Elements Using "One-Shot" Enriching Stellar Generation Models

Lars Mattsson
The Origins and Processing of Cosmic Dust

Ilka Petermann
Impact of Spatial and Temporal Resolution on Pre-Supernova Properties

Marco Pignatari
Production of Metals in the Early Universe

Ian Roederer
The Environment of the r-Process

Mohammad Safarzadeh
Simulating Neutron Star Mergers as r-Process Sources in Ultra Faint Dwarf Galaxies

Charli Sakari
Unraveling the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way. Integrated Light Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters

Devin Silvia
Helping to Paint a More Realistic Picture of the Circumgalactic Medium

Debopam Som
Global Properties of Circumgalactic Medium at High-Redshift: Spectroscopy Study of Strong Lyman-Alpha Absorbers

Daniele Sorini
Forging Connections Between Intergalactic and Circumgalactic Media with Lyman-Alpha Absorption

Claudia Travaglio
NAS-CE Project: Nuclear Astrophysics in Supernovae and Chemical Evolution

Jason Tumlinson
Circumgalactic Matters

Jason Tumlinson
Big Bang to Biosignatures: The LUVOIR Mission Concept

Kim Venn
Spectroscopy of Stars in the CFHT Pristine Survey

MacKenzie Warren
Simulating Turbulence-Aided Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions in Spherical Symmetry

Benjamin Wehmeyer
Modeling the Galactic Chemical Evolution of r-Process Elements

Michael Wiescher
The Physics of Nuclear Reaction Rates

Tyrone Woods
Type Ia Supernova Archaeology: Searching for the Relics of Progenitors Past

PDF version of posters (in alphabetical order)

Umberto Battino
A Simulation-Based Convective-Boundary Mixing Model for AGB Star Evolution and Nucleosynthesis

Anirudh Chiti
Photometric Searches for Metal-Poor Stars in the Sculptor and Tucana II Dwarf Galaxies

Benoit Côté
Chemical Evolution in the Earliest Galaxies in a Cosmological Context

Pavel Denisenkov
Neutron-Capture Reaction Rate Uncertainties for the i-Process in He-Shell Flash White Dwarfs from Monte Carlo Simulations

Evan Grohs
Evaluation of Anthropic Arguments in the Multiverse

Christine Hampton
In Pursuit of Stellar Chemistry: An Overview of Molecular Carbon in Dust Clouds

Shilun Jin
Impact of Stellar Triple Alpha Reaction Enhancement on the r-Process

James Keegans
The Effect of Progenitor Metallicity on Nucleosynthesis in Muldimensional Type Ia Supernova Models

Claire Kopenhafer
Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble: Modeling Galactic Feedback with Adaptive Mesh Simulations

Gry Tveten
SNAPS - Studies of Nuclear Properties for Explosive Astrophysical Processes

Tyrone Woods
Titans of the Early Universe