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November 10, 2015
Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone

Registrants List

39 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Albert Stebbins Fermilab
Alex Drlica-Wagner Fermilab
Bradford Benson Fermilab
Brenna Flaugher Fermilab
Brice Ménard Johns Hopkins University
Brittany Kamai KICP
Craig Hogan Fermilab and U. Chicago
Daniel Eisenstein CFA/Harvard
David Weinberg Ohio State University
Dragan Huterer University of Michigan
Elise Jennings Fermilab
Eric Huff Ohio State University
Erik Shirokoff U. Chicago
Eve Kovacs Argonne National Laboratory
Faustin Carter Argonne
Gaston Gutierrez Fermilab
James Annis Fermilab
Josh Frieman Fermilab and U. Chicago
juan estrada fermilab
Karen Byrum Argonne National Lab
Katrin Heitmann Argonne National Lab
Klaus Honscheid Ohio State University
Kyle Dawson University of Utah
Lindsey Bleem Argonne National Laboratory
Liz Buckley-Geer Fermilab
Marcelle Soares-Santos Fermilab
Maria Elidaiana da Silva Pereira Brazilian Center for Physics Research
Mustapha Ishak The University of Texas at Dallas
Nan Li Argonne National Lab
Nick Gnedin Fermilab
Nilanjan Banik University of Florida/Fermilab
Rik Yoshida Argonne National Laboratory
Ritoban Basu Thakur University of Chicago
Salman Habib Argonne National Laboratory
Scott Dodelson Fermilab
Steve Kuhlmann Argonne National Laboratory
Vic Scarpine Fermilab
Vinu Vikraman ANL
William Wester Fermilab