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January 26, 2016
IARC Conference Hall
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

84 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alex Melnychuk Fermilab
Alexander Romanenko Fermilab
Alexander Sukhanov Fermilab
Alexander Zlobin Fermilab
Allan Rowe Fermilab
Andrei Lunin FNAL
Andy Hocker FNAL
Anna Grassellino Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Antonios Vouris Fermilab TD/T&I
Arun Saini Fermilab
Bob Tschirhart Fermilab
Camille Ginsburg FNAL
Carlo Santini Fermilab
Chuck Grimm FNAL
Daniel Evbota Fermilab
Daniele Turrioni FERMILAB
Darryl Orris Fermilab
David Harding Fermilab
Dmitri Sergatskov FNAL
Don Mitchell FNAL/TD
Donald Arnold Fermilab
Donna Hicks Fermilab
Eddie Holik FNAL
Emanuela Barzi Fermilab
Fred Nobrega Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)
Gennady Romanov Fermilab
George Velev FNAL
Giorgio Ambrosio FNAL TD/MSD
Giorgio Apollinari Fermilab
Henry Glass Fermilab
Igor Novitski FNAL
Ivan Gonin Fermilab
Jeff Brandt Fermilab
Joe DiMarco Fermilab
Joe Ozelis FNAL
Joshua Kaluzny Fermilab
Justin Carmichael Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Kumud Singh Bhabha Atomic Reserach Centre
Lance Cooley Fermilab
Luciano Elementi Fermilab
Margherita Merio Fermilab
Martina Martinello Fermilab - IIT
Mattia Checchin FNAL-IIT
Michael Lamm Fermilab
Michael Tartaglia Fermilab
Mohamed Hassan Fermilab
Navneet Sharma FNAL
Nikolai Andreev FNAL
Oleg Prokofiev FNAL
Pei Li TD
Pushpa Bhat Fermilab
Robert kephart FNAL
Rodger Bossert Fermilab
Roman Pilipenko FANL
Romesh Sood Fermilab, Technical Division-HQ
Ruben Carcagno Fermilab
Sam Posen Fermilab
Sandor Feher FNAL
Saravan Chandrasekaran Fermilab
Sebastian Aderhold Fermilab
Sergey Belomestnykh Fermilab
Sergey Cheban Fermilab
Sergey Kazakov FNAL
Sergey Koshelev Test & Instrument Department
Steve Krave FNAL TD/MSD
Stoyan Stoynev FNAL
Swapan Chattopadhyay FNAL/NIU
Thomas Page FNAL
Tom Cummings Fermilab
Tom Nicol Fermilab
Tom Peterson Fermilab
Tug Arkan Fermilab TD SRF Dev Dept.
Vadim Kashikhin Fermilab
victor yarba Fermilab
Vikas Jain FNAL
Vito Lombardo Fermilab
Vladimir Kashikhin Fermilab
Vyacheslav Yakovlev Fermilab
Yi Xie Fermilab
Yuenian Huang Technical Division, Department of Magnet Systems
Yulia Trenikhina Fermilab
Yuriy Orlov FNAL
Yuriy Pischalnikov FNAL