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19-21 September 2016
US/Central timezone

List of Registrants

128 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Aurisano University of Cincinnati
Adam Lister Lancaster University
Aixin Tan University of Iowa
Aleena Rafique Kansas State University
Alexander Himmel Fermilab
Alexander Radovic College of William and Mary
Alissa Monte University of Massachusetts Amherst
Andrei Gaponenko Fermilab
Andrew Furmanski University of Manchester
Andrew Norman Fermilab
Andrey Sheshukov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, JINR
Anna Reine UNC Chapel Hill
Ariana Hackenburg Yale University
Aristeidis Tsaris Fermilab
Asher Kaboth Royal Holloway, University of London/RAL
Balint Radics CERN
Balint Radics ETH
Barnali Chowdhury University of South Carolina
Biao Wang Southern Methodist University
Biswaranjan Behera IIT Hyderabad
Brian Rebel Fermilab
Brooke Russell Yale University
Christopher Backhouse Caltech
Christopher Haufe UNC Chapel Hill
Corey Adams Yale University
Costas Andreopoulos University of Liverpool and STFC/RAL
Craig Moore Fermilab
Daisy Kalra Panjab University
David Caratelli Columbia University
David Caratelli dcaratelli@nevis.columbia.edu
David Kaleko Columbia University
David Moore Yale University
David van Dyk Imperial College London
Deborah Harris Fermilab
Diego Tonelli CERN
Dominic Brailsford Lancaster university
Edgar Valencia-Rodriguez William and Mary
Elena Gramellini Yale University
Elizabeth Worcester BNL
Erica Smith Indiana University
Erika Catano Mur Iowa State University
Evan Niner Fermilab
Farrukh Azfar University of Oxford
Fernanda Psihas Indiana University
Gabriel Perdue Fermilab
Gonzalo Díaz Bautista University of Rochester
Jaroslav Zalesak Institute of Physics, Prague
Jeremy Hewes The University of Manchester
Jeremy Wolcott Tufts University
Jessica Esquivel Syracuse University
JJ Cherry Virginia Tech
John Cherry Virginia Tech
Jonathan Paley Fermilab
Jose Sepulveda Iowa State University
Jose Ignacio Crespo Anadon Columbia University
Joshua Hignight Michigan State University
Justo Martin-Albo University of Oxford
Jyoti Joshi Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jyoti Tripathi Panjab University
Kanika Sachdev Fermilab
Katarzyna Frankiewicz National Centre for Nuclear Research
Katherine Woodruff New Mexico State University
Keith Matera Fermilab
Kendall Mahn Michigan State University
Kuldeep Maan Fermilab/Panjab University
Kyle Jero University of Wisconsin Madison
Laura Fields Fermilab
Leonidas Aliaga Soplin Fermilab
Liang Yang University of Illinois
Libo Jiang University of Pittsburgh
Lorena Escudero University of Cambridge
Louis Lyons Imperial College London, and Oxford
Louise Suter FNAL
Mario A. Acero Ortega Universidad del Atlantico
Mark McCarthy York University
Mark Ross-Lonergan IPPP, Durham University
Matt Toups FNAL
Matthew Bass University of Oxford
Maury Goodman Argonne
Maury Goodman Argonne National Lab
Mayly Sanchez Iowa State University
Mehreen Sultana University of Rochester
Michael Mooney Brookhaven National Laboratory
Michael Wallbank University of Sheffield
Mikael Kuusela University of Chicago
Nataly Roa Universidad del Tolima
Nitin Yadav Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Ornella Palamara Fermilab
Pengfei Ding Fermilab
Peter Shanahan Fermilab
Philip Hamilton Syracuse University
Pierce Weatherly University of California Irvine
Pilar Coloma Fermilab
Pip Hamilton Syracuse University
Rachel Carr MIT
Ranjan Dharmapalan Argonne National Laboratory
Raquel Castillo Fernandez Fermilab
Richard Lockhart Simon Fraser University
Robert Cousins UCLA
Ryan Murphy Indiana University
Ryan Patterson Caltech
Sam Zeller Fermilab
Scott Locke University of California Irvine
Scott Oser University of British Columbia
Serhan Tufanli Yale University
Shao-Feng Ge Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik, Germany
Siva Prasad Kasetti University of Hyderabad, Fermilab
Stefano Tognini Federal University of Goias
Stefano Roberto Soleti University of Oxford
Steve Dennis University of Liverpool
Steven Young Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Test2 Test2 FNAL
Thomas Junk Fermilab
Thomas Karl Warburton University of Sheffield
Tia Miceli NMSU
Tingjun Yang FNAL
Todd Kuffner Washington University in St. Louis
Varuna Crishan Meddage Kansas State University
Vassili Papavassiliou New Mexico State University
Vaurna Meddage Kansas State University
Victor Genty Columbia University
Wenqin Xu University of South Dakota
Xiao Luo Yale University
Xin Qian BNL
Yi-Hsuan "Cindy" Lin Drexel University
Yoshi Uchida Imperial College
Yoshi Uchida Imperial College London
Zelimir Djurcic Argonne