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Feb 21 – 24, 2017
US/Eastern timezone

Dinner and Tour Information

The dinner will be held on Thursday, February 2017 at 7:00pm at the Kelogg Hotel and Conference Center in Red Cedar A/B. A fee of $40.00 will be needed for those who would like to attend the dinner.
Please confirm your attendance when registering.

The lab tour will be held on Thursday, February 2017 at 1:45-5:00pm.
Busses will be available between the Kellogg Center and FRIB.
Tour #1
1:45pm            Departure from Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
2:00pm            Arrive at the FRIB Facility
3:30pm            Departure from the FRIB Facility
Tour #2
3:30pm            Departure from Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
4:00pm            Arrival at the FRIB Facility
5:30pm            Departure from the FRIB Facility

Please note that the following are not allowed on the tour:
Photos, videos, bags larger than 18” x 14” x 7”, food or beverages, high heel shoes, open toe shoes and sandals, and minors under the age of 16. 
All visitors must wear long pants (no shorts, capris, or dresses), a high-visibility vest, hard hat, and safety glasses (provided by FRIB).  Persons equipped with a pacemaker, defibrillator, electronic medicine dispenser, hearing aid or metal implant, persons with reduced mobility or otherwise incapacitated, and persons suffering from claustrophobia should contact the organizers as some areas may be restricted during the tour.  Participation in the tour is at the visitors’ own risk.  Please secure all belongings as you will remain fully responsible for their safety.