May 16 – 18, 2018
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Parking and Maps


Driving to East Lansing

MSU Campus Interactive Map

MSU Main Campus Map

PARKING at MSU and Map

A full Michigan State University Campus map can be found here.

Parking at Michigan State University:
You will need to purchase a parking passes from Michigan State University parking office. There are 2 hour, 4 hour or 24 hour parking pass options. Please see the link below.

Once you have a parking pass you can park in the Shaw Parking Ramp (across the street from the Laboratory). If you arrive after business hours, parking is free in the ramp (with no pass necessary) from 6 PM – 7 AM, and all weekend.  Always park in the spaces that have NO signs, which are the majority of spaces. Do not park in metered spaces, or leased spaces.
Our building has controlled access, so the only door open to the public is the Main Lobby entrance, which is located on the NW corner of the building, marked by a large curved wall of glass.
If the ramp is full, additional parking can be found at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts, which is located east of the NSCL/FRIB Building.

The Workshop will be held at the Cyclotron. Parking for these sessions is available in Ramp 1 (also known as the Shaw Ramp) located directly across from the Laboratory. The visitor parking for this ramp is "Pay by Plate" parking which accepts multiple forms of payment including cash (kiosks do NOT provide change), coins, and credit/debit cards). Parking is also available in Ramp 3 (also known as the Wharton Center Ramp). The visitor parking for this ramp is monitored by an attendant where only cash and coin are accepted. A third option is to pick up a 24-hour parking pass at the Michigan State University Visitor Center on Trowbridge Road which will allow you to park in any faculty/staff parking space available on campus (faculty/staff spaces may be available in Ramp 1).
NSCL/FRIB parking

Please note that a parking violation on campus is $15.

More information about parking can be found here.

A shuttle can be arranged with your hotel to pick you up from the Lansing airport and provide your transportation to the hotel and from the hotel to the Lansing airport. 
The Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center and the Quality Inn provide shuttle transportation and should be arranged in advance.  Please contact your hotel to arrange shuttles.


BUS SERVICE  Michigan Flyer Tel: (517) 333-0400

TAXI / CAR SERVICE Please visit for a list of licensed taxicab companies in the greater Lansing area.
Generally, MSU travelers should use taxicabs that have their company name conspicuously displayed on their vehicle. On display should be the driver’s license, printed schedule of rates, and contact telephone numbers for the taxicab company.

MSU Bike Rental