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12-14 September 2018
Fermilab - Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone

Confirmed Speakers

List of Confirmed Speakers

Speaker Institution

Ning Bao

University of California, Berkeley

Richard Brower

Boston University

Joseph Carlson

Los Alamos National Lab

Patrick Dreher

North Carolina State University

Dan Harlow


Joshua Isaacson


Zhang Jiang

Google Quantum AI

Stephen Jordan

Microsoft, Quantum Architectures and Computation

David Kaplan

INT, University of Washington

Isaac Kim

IBM T.J. Watson and Stanford University

Natalie Klco

University of Washington

Stefan Kuehn

Perimeter Insitute

Nicholas Laracuente

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Joe Lykken


Antonio Mezzacapo

IBM T.J. Watson

Ashley Milsted

Perimeter Insitute

Guido Pagano

JQI, University of Maryland

John Preskill

IQIM, California Institute of Technology

Nicholas Rubin

Rigetti Computing

Martin Savage

INT, University of Washington

Neil Sinclair

California Institute of Thechnology

Jesse Stryker

University of Washington

Sandip Trivedi

Tata Institute

Judah Unmuth-Yockey

Syracuse University

Guillaume Verdon

Perimeter Insitute

Erez Zohar

Max-Planck-Institute Quantum





List of Tutorials

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