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Oct 24 – 26, 2018
US/Central timezone

Contribution List

51 / 51
Nigel Lockyer (Fermilab)
10/25/18, 9:00 AM
Kevin Burkett (Fermilab)
10/25/18, 9:10 AM
Harvey Newman (Caltech), Prof. Sheldon Stone (Syracuse University)
10/25/18, 9:30 AM
Including committee reports
Rende Steerenberg (CERN)
10/25/18, 10:00 AM
Dr marina artuso (syracuse university)
10/25/18, 11:00 AM
Meenakshi Narain (Brown University)
10/25/18, 11:30 AM
GianLuca Sabbi (LBNL), Giorgio Ambrosio (FNAL TD/MSD)
10/25/18, 12:00 PM
Prof. Young-Kee Kim (FNAL)
10/25/18, 1:30 PM
Prof. Claude Pruneau (Wayne State University)
10/25/18, 2:00 PM
Mr Salvatore Rappoccio (Buffalo), Yangyang Cheng (Cornell University), Dr Yangyang Cheng (Cornell University)
10/25/18, 2:30 PM
David Miller (University of Chicago), James Hirschauer (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
10/25/18, 2:30 PM
Dr Anadi Canepa (TRIUMF), Dr Anadi Canepa (Fermilab), Dr Ron Lipton (Fermilab)
10/25/18, 2:30 PM
Mr Jahred Adelman (Yale), Kathryn Jepsen (Symmetry Magazine)
10/25/18, 2:30 PM
Dr Yangyang Cheng (Cornell University), Yangyang Cheng (Cornell University)
10/26/18, 9:00 AM
Viviana Cavaliere (Brookhaven National Lab)
10/26/18, 11:00 AM
Dr Thomas LeCompte (US Department of Energy)
10/26/18, 11:30 AM
Dr George Fai (DOE)
10/26/18, 11:50 AM
Prof. Randal Ruchti Ruchti (National Science Foundation), Prof. Randy Ruchti (University of Notre Dame and National Science Foundation)
10/26/18, 12:10 PM
Kevin Black, Meenakshi Narain (Brown University)
10/26/18, 2:30 PM
Nhan Tran (FNAL), Sergei Gleyzer (University of Florida)
10/26/18, 2:30 PM
Darin Acosta (University of Florida), Ms Julia Gonski (Harvard University)
10/26/18, 2:30 PM
Jessica Metcalfe (Argonne National Laboratory), Lindsey Gray (Fermilab)
10/26/18, 2:30 PM
Sarah Demers (Yale)
10/26/18, 4:15 PM
Corrinne Mills, corrinne mills (University of Illinois at Chicago)
10/26/18, 6:15 PM