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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
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Improvement of Energy Resolution in KamLAND-Zen by Implementing Signal Amplifier for Low-gain PMTs

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Mr Nanami Kawada (RCNS, Tohoku Univ.)


KamLAND-Zen is a neutrinoless double-beta(0ν2β) decay search experiment using $^{136}$Xe installed in the KamLAND detector . KamLAND mainly consists of 1 kt liquid scintillator and 1,879 photomultiplier tubes(PMTs).

One of the dominant background sources in the 0ν2β decay energy region around the Q-value of 2.459 MeV is 2ν2β decay due to the finite energy resolution. Since the only way to separate 0ν2β decay from 2ν2β decay is energy information, the energy resolution is important in the high sensitive search.

However, the number of unused PMTs is increasing due to the decreasing gains. It makes the energy resolutoin of KamLAND worse. To recover the energy resolution, the signal amplifiers for such ”low-gain PMTs” were developed and installed.

I will report the recovery of the PMT performance and the improvement of the detector energy resolution by the signal amplifiers.


Signal amplifiers can improve the performance of low-gain PMTs and the detector energy resolution.

Experiment/Collaboration KamLAND-Zen

Primary author

Mr Nanami Kawada (RCNS, Tohoku Univ.)

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