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10-11 June 2019
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

The NOvA Test Beam Program

Jun 11, 2019, 3:50 PM
One West (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)

One West

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Teresa Lackey


NOvA is a two-detector long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment which aims to make a determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy, the octant of ${\theta}_{23}$, and measure possible CP violation. The NOvA Test Beam program consists of a scaled-down NOvA detector placed in a beamline capable of delivering 0.3 - 2.0 GeV/c protons, electrons, pions, and kaons. The beamline detectors provide us with particle identification and momentum measurements so we can study our detector technology with known inputs. Studying these particles will provide us a more detailed understanding of our calibration, detector response, and energy scale, which are some of the largest sources of systematic uncertainty in NOvA analyses. We will also collect a selection of single-particle data events for training particle identification algorithms. In this talk, I will present the current status of the NOvA Test Beam program and discuss plans for data taking and analysis.

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