Jul 16 – 26, 2022
US/Pacific timezone


Afternoon Plenary

Jul 17, 2022, 4:30 PM


Afternoon Plenary: Planning US HEP - past present future

  • R. Sekhar Chivukula (UC San Diego)
  • Joel Butler (Fermilab)

Afternoon Plenary: AI/ML Modern Machine Learning for HEP

  • Daniel Elvira (Fermilab)
  • Benjamin Nachman (LBNL)
  • Steven Gottlieb (Indiana Univ.)

Afternoon Plenary: A Tour of Underground Facilities & Science: Today and Tomorrow

  • Jeter Hall (SNOLAB)

Afternoon Plenary: Lattice QCD

  • Csaba Csaki (Cornell University)
  • Aida El-Khadra (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Nathaniel Craig (UC Santa Barbara)

Afternoon Plenary: In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics

  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • Mu-Chun Chen (University of California, Irvine)

Afternoon Plenary: Panel: Careers and Training the Next Generations

  • Steven Lund (USPAS / MSU / FRIB)
  • Petra Merkel (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
  • Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)

Afternoon Plenary: Energy Frontier: Lepton Colliders

  • Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL)
  • Alessandro Tricoli (BNL)
  • Meenakshi Narain (Brown University)
  • Laura Reina (Florida State University)
  • Steve Gourlay (LBNL)
  • Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC)

Afternoon Plenary: Cosmic Frontier: Paths to Discovery

  • Aaron Chou (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
  • Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab)
  • Tim Tait (UC Irvine)

Afternoon Plenary: HEP Community Engagement: Is the HEP Community going to take responsibility for Engagement (or not)?

  • Breese Quinn (University of Mississippi)
  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Afternoon Plenary: Neutrino Frontier Connections, Progress, and Plans

  • Patrick Huber (Virginia Tech)
  • Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
  • Elizabeth Worcester (BNL)

Afternoon Plenary: Rare Proceses and Precision measurement and AMO

  • Robert Bernstein (Fermilab)
  • Alexey Petrov (Wayne State University)
  • Marina Artuso (syracuse university)

Afternoon Plenary: Detector Technologies for the Next Decades

  • Phillip Barbeau (Duke University)
  • Petra Merkel (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
  • Jinlong Zhang (ANL)

Afternoon Plenary: Rare Prcesses and Precision Measurements

  • Alexey Petrov (Wayne State University)
  • Marina Artuso (syracuse university)
  • Robert Bernstein (Fermilab)

Afternoon Plenary: Beams, Accelerator R&D and Future Facilities: Accelerator Frontier Vision

  • Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC)
  • Steve Gourlay (LBNL)
  • Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL)

Afternoon Plenary: Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics

  • Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab)
  • Tim Tait (UC Irvine)
  • Aaron Chou (Fermilab)

Afternoon Plenary: Advancing Research at Underground Facilities (UF)

  • Kevin Lesko (LBNL)
  • Laura Baudis (University of Zurich)
  • John Orrell (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Jeter Hall (SNOLAB)

Afternoon Plenary: Theory Frontier: A Vision for the Future

  • Nathaniel Craig (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Csaba Csaki (Cornell University)
  • Aida El-Khadra (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Afternoon Plenary: Big Picture Neutrino Science

  • Patrick Huber (Virginia Tech)
  • Elizabeth Worcester (BNL)
  • Kate Scholberg (Duke University)

Afternoon Plenary: Physics on the Energy Frontier

  • Alessandro Tricoli (BNL)
  • Laura Reina (Florida State University)
  • Meenakshi Narain (Brown University)

Afternoon Plenary: The Future of Computing for HEP

  • Benjamin Nachman (LBNL)
  • Steven Gottlieb (Indiana Univ.)
  • Daniel Elvira (Fermilab)

Afternoon Plenary: HEP/Quantum Science and Technology (QST) Intersections

  • Maria Spiropulu ()
  • Martin Savage (INT)

Afternoon Plenary: Snowmass Early Career

  • Jacob Zettlemoyer (Fermilab)
  • Garvita Agarwal ()

Afternoon Plenary: CPAD: Careers and Collaborations in Detector Instrumentation

  • Petra Merkel (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
  • Karsten Heeger (Yale University)

Afternoon Plenary: Communicating Science to Everyone

  • Kathryn Jepsen (Symmetry Magazine)

Afternoon Plenary: DOE Multiprogram Laboratories: their HEP programs and intersections with other disciplines”.

  • Chris Quigg (Fermilab)

Presentation materials

Steve Ritz (UCSC and SCIPP)
7/17/22, 4:30 PM
James Shank (NSF)
7/17/22, 4:50 PM
Harriet Kung (DOE)
7/17/22, 5:15 PM
Lia Merminga (FNAL)
7/17/22, 5:40 PM
JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)
7/17/22, 6:05 PM
7/17/22, 6:30 PM
Benjamin Nachman (LBNL), Daniel Elvira (Fermilab), Kazuhiro Terao (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), Steven Gottlieb (Indiana Univ.)
7/18/22, 2:00 PM
Jeter Hall (SNOLAB)
7/18/22, 2:00 PM
Jaret Heise (Sanford Underground Research Facility)
7/18/22, 2:05 PM
Clarence Virtue (Laurentian University)
7/18/22, 2:35 PM
Jeter Hall (SNOLAB)
7/18/22, 3:15 PM
Zohreh Davoudi (University of Maryland)
7/18/22, 4:05 PM
Mu-Chun Chen (University of California, Irvine)
7/18/22, 5:30 PM
7/18/22, 6:40 PM
Sudhir Malik (University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez)
7/19/22, 2:00 PM
Steven Lund (USPAS / MSU / FRIB)
7/19/22, 2:30 PM
Farah Fahim (FERMILAB), Giordon Stark, Jeremy Love (Department of Energy), Rachel Yohay (Florida State University), Robert Bernstein (Fermilab), Steven Lund (USPAS / MSU / FRIB), Tim Tait (UC Irvine)
7/19/22, 2:40 PM
Prof. Tracy Slatyer (MIT)
7/19/22, 3:30 PM
Patrick Meade (Stony Brook)
7/19/22, 3:30 PM
Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)
7/19/22, 3:50 PM
Prof. Kyle Dawson (University of Utah)
7/19/22, 4:00 PM
Diktys Stratakis (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7/19/22, 4:10 PM
Derun Li (LBNL), Diktys Stratakis (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), Emilio Nanni (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), Fabio Maltoni, Fabio Maltoni (Universite' catholique de Louvain), John Power (Argonne National Lab), Kevin Black, Maria Chamizo Llatas (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Patrick Meade (Stony Brook), Sergo Jindariani (FNAL), Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin), Stefan Wagner (CBPF), Stephen Wagner (University of Colorado, Boulder), Ulrich Heintz (Brown University)
7/19/22, 4:30 PM
Prof. Risa Wechsler (Stanford / SLAC)
7/19/22, 4:30 PM
Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7/19/22, 5:30 PM
Breese Quinn (University of Mississippi)
7/19/22, 6:29 PM
Breese Quinn (University of Mississippi), Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7/19/22, 6:44 PM

A panel will consist of all speakers

Marianna Safronova (University of Delaware), Nick Hutzler (Caltech), On Kim (Institute for Basic Science, Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research), Tanmoy Bhattacharya (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
7/20/22, 2:45 PM
James Fast (Jefferson Lab)
7/20/22, 3:40 PM
Andy White (U. texas at Arlington)
7/20/22, 3:50 PM
Reina Maruyama (Yale University)
7/20/22, 4:08 PM
Wesley Ketchum (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7/20/22, 4:26 PM
Prof. Phillip Urquijo (Uiversity of Melbourne)
7/21/22, 2:00 PM
Vincenzo Cirigliano (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
7/21/22, 2:45 PM
Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL)
7/21/22, 3:30 PM
Steve Gourlay (LBNL), Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC)
7/21/22, 4:30 PM
Aaron Chou (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7/21/22, 5:30 PM
Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab)
7/21/22, 5:45 PM
Andrew Sonnenschein (Fermilab), Prof. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (University of New Hampshire), Jeffrey Newman (University of Pittsburgh and PITT-PACC), John Carlstrom (University of Chicago), Ke Fang (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Maria Elena Monzani (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), Marilena Loverde (Stony Brook University), Stefan Ballmer (Syracuse University)
7/21/22, 6:00 PM
Scott Hertel (UMass Amherst)
7/22/22, 2:00 PM
Alvine Kamaha (UCLA)
7/22/22, 2:22 PM
John Orrell (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
7/22/22, 2:44 PM
Shamit Kachru (Stanford University)
7/22/22, 3:30 PM
Mark Messier (Indiana University)
7/22/22, 5:30 PM
Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University)
7/22/22, 5:50 PM
Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
7/22/22, 6:10 PM
Alessandro Tricoli (BNL)
7/23/22, 2:00 PM
Sally Dawson (Brookhaven National Laboratoy)
7/23/22, 2:05 PM
Simone Pagan Griso (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
7/23/22, 2:35 PM
Benjamin Nachman (LBNL), Daniel Elvira (Fermilab), Steven Gottlieb (Indiana Univ.)
7/23/22, 3:30 PM
Salman Habib (Argonne National Laboratory)
7/23/22, 3:35 PM
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL)
7/23/22, 4:31 PM
Aaron Chou (Fermilab), Anna Grassellino (Fermilab), Chiristian Bauer (LBNL), Krysta Svore (Microsoft), Monika Schleier-Smith (Stanford), Paul Dabbar (Columbia & BQT), Ravi Naik (Berkeley/LBNL), Shinjae Yoo (BNL), Travis Humble (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
7/23/22, 6:10 PM

The panel will debate the status and envision the future of QST/HEP intersections and highlight the integration of quantum science and technology developments with the HEP apparatus, including building a quantum-ready workforce.

Topics that will be discussed include: 1) Codesign quantum experiments to advance and be advanced by the HEP mission as exemplified by the ongoing dark...

Tiffany Lewis (NASA Goddard)
7/24/22, 2:00 PM
Erin Conley (Duke University)
7/24/22, 2:15 PM
Ivan Lepetic (Rutgers University)
7/24/22, 2:33 PM
Joshua Barrow
7/24/22, 2:51 PM
Fernanda Psihas Olmedo (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7/24/22, 3:04 PM
7/24/22, 3:35 PM
Kerstin Perez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
7/24/22, 3:55 PM
Karia Dibert (University of Chicago)
7/24/22, 4:15 PM
7/24/22, 4:18 PM
Yuzhan Zhao (University of California, Santa Cruz, SCIPP)
7/24/22, 4:25 PM
Dan Dwyer (LBNL), Gabriella Carini (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Helmut Marsiske (Office of High Energy Physics, U.S. Department of Energy), Ian Shipsey (Oxford), Marina Artuso (syracuse university), Reina Maruyama (Yale University)
7/24/22, 4:35 PM
Chris Quigg (Fermilab)
7/24/22, 5:30 PM
Rik Yoshida (ANL)
7/24/22, 5:40 PM
Dmitri Denisov (Fermilab)
7/24/22, 5:52 PM
Natalie Roe, Natalie Roe (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
7/24/22, 6:04 PM
JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)
7/24/22, 6:16 PM
Paul Sorensen (Department of Energy)
7/24/22, 6:28 PM
7/24/22, 6:40 PM
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