Aug 10 – 21, 2020
US/Central timezone

Lecturer List

Electroweak and Higgs physics Heather Logan
QCD theory and Monte Carlo tools Peter Skands
Beyond the standard model theories Stefania Gori
Jet physics Andrew Larkoski
Flavor physics Zoltan Ligeti
Higgs measurements Christoph Paus
Precision Standard Model measurements Alison Lister
Searches for BSM physics Greg Landsberg
Statistics Kyle Cranmer
Machine learning with hands-on tutorial Gregor Kasieczka
Silicon tracking detectors Frank Hartmann
Calorimetry Sarah Eno
Trigger and data acquisition Darin Acosta
Offline computing Ian Fisk
Event reconstruction Caterina Vernieri
Heavy ion physics Wei Li
Accelerator physics Rende Steerenberg
Neutrino physics and experiments Ryan Patterson
Advanced detector technologies Ted Liu
Electronics in HEP John Parsons
Quantum computing Maria Spiropolu