The Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer is sponsoring a virtual lecture series in entrepreneurship and commercialization, "The Fermilab Innovation Lecture Series."

This series will include successful entrepreneurs, who will tell their stories about taking technologies from a lab to the market. Other topics will include innovative models for lab-industry collaboration from other DOE national laboratories.

All Fermilab personnel, users, students, and guest researchers are invited to participate in this series. Additional webinar topics will be announced soon.


FedTech Journey: From Lab Technology to Startup Company


Summary: Have you ever wondered what it will be like to start a company based on your technology? In this lecture, the speakers from FedTech and Lunano will discuss their unique approach to technology commercialization.

FedTech is a technology accelerator firm, and its mission is unlocking the benefits of technology through entrepreneurially minded people. FedTech's Startup Studio is a program that identifies breakthrough tech from federal and university labs to pair technologies with talented entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs in FedTech program are indoctrinated in the lean startup model, focusing on validating their business models through customer discovery. If the team finds a problem-solution fit and the opportunity is promising, FedTech helps launch their venture.

Lunano is a deep tech startup working on disinfectant 2.0: Anti-Virus/Microbial Spray that is launched from a recent FedTech cohort based on technology from Sandia National Laboratories.