December 16, 2020
US/Central timezone

The Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer is sponsoring a virtual lecture series in entrepreneurship and commercialization, "The Fermilab Innovation Lecture Series."

This series will include successful entrepreneurs, who will tell their stories about taking technologies from a lab to the market. Other topics will include innovative models for lab-industry collaboration from other DOE national laboratories.

All Fermilab personnel, users, students, and guest researchers are invited to participate in this series. Additional webinar topics will be announced soon.


Science, People, Markets: How Startups Win


Summary: What does it take to build business success from a research-driven innovation? Technology and engineering are crucial, and they are not enough. We’ll explore other factors that help a lab discovery become a product embraced by the market and how the public sector looks to foster innovation for local startup communities.


Guest lecturers Joe Aguilar and Mark Aardsma will provide their perspectives and engage in a Q&A with Fermilab attendees.

In advance of the presentation, attendees should consider:

1) How can you identify the commercial potential of new technology?

2) What should you consider when forming your team? What skillsets are necessary? What roles make sense?

3) What should you learn about potential customers before you commit to a strategy?

4) What resources are available to entrepreneurs in Illinois?