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This meeting will take place May 16 - May 19 in Cincinnati, OH, approximately two months before the main Snowmass Meeting in July. The purpose of the meeting is to collectively assess the physics impact, feasibility, and priority of the numerous physics initiatives currently being studied. The goal is to produce and prioritize a list of measurements with the highest prospects for uncovering New Physics over the next ten years. The plenary sessions of the meeting will be available remotely.

For more detailed information see this website.

A Word file with a list of local Cincinnati restaurants, comments, links, etc., is available here.

Here is a google doc that is meant to be a living document for participants to share information about restaurants, organize dinners, etc.



Local Organizing Committee:

Joachim Brod, Alan Schwartz (Chairs);

Phil Ilten, Kay Kinoshita, Mike Sokoloff, Jure Zupan