Rad Hard Beam Instrumentation Workshop


We are planning a virtual workshop on radiation hardened beam instrumentations in the framework of Snowmass to discuss the different challenges on on-line rad hard diagnose systems necessary to support High Power Targetry and the successful operation of multi-MW target facilities in the future.

The workshop will consist of invited talks from experts in this area and discussion on what should be the long-term strategy for development of radiation hardened beam instrumentations including methods of beam detection in extreme environments, rad hard ASIC electronics for beam detectors, and in-situ target health sensors. This workshop will be used as inputs for the Snowmass effort to provide a scientific vision for the future of particle physics in the U.S. and its international partners, in particular for the high power targetry.

  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Antonio Marcone
  • Charlotte Barbier
  • Claudio Torregrosa Martin
  • Cyrille Thomas
  • David Jimenez Rey
  • David Neuffer
  • David Stickland
  • Davide Braga
  • Drew Winder
  • Elena Maria Donegani
  • Eric Baussan
  • Francesco Martina
  • Frank Porter
  • Frederique Pellemoine
  • Gabriella Carini
  • Gabriella Pásztor
  • Gemma Rius
  • Grigorios Chachamis
  • Ilya Ponomarev
  • Ivan Podadera
  • Jose Alonso
  • Justin Mach
  • Katsuya Yonehara
  • Kavin Ammigan
  • Kevin Lynch
  • Marc Hausmann
  • Marco Calviani
  • Megan Friend
  • Mykyta Haranko
  • Neelam Pradhan
  • Nilay Bostan
  • Patrick Hurh
  • Robert Zwaska
  • Ruben Garcia Alia
  • Santiago Becerril-Jarque
  • Sergey Antipov
  • Shunsuke Makimura
  • Soumyajit Mandal
  • Sujit Bidhar
  • Takashi Naoe
  • Taku Ishida
  • Thibaut Lefevre
  • Venkata Narasimha Manyam
  • Willem Blokland
  • Yine Sun
  • Yong Joong Lee
  • Yun Liu